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  1. Looking for a car.

    pictures? specs? lol Better be N/A! :D
  2. Looking for a car.

    That section isnt working So are there any other places i can look for one?
  3. Ive been looking for a na s13 sr20. I've been looking everywhere carsales, the forum. But nothing is of any good really. I would consider buying a auto and converting it to manual. But would much prefer a manual from day one. Well my question is, Are there anymore car web pages i can buy s13's from? There is a real lack of silvias on the market atm. Ohh btw my location is in Victoria Anyways thanks, hope someone can help me
  4. Polish's S13 SR20D/VE BUILD

    this is massive inspiration for when i get my sr20de s13 in the coming months. this is the kind of build i wanna do Keep up the sick work man
  5. Auto to Manual.

    So does anybody know a price of what it would be? 100% between 1500 and 1800?
  6. Auto to Manual.

    All i wanted to know is how much it would be cash wise for someone to do it for me. And where abouts i can get this done.... And yeah sorry guys. Im located in melborune
  7. hey guys, I'm new to this forum. Don't spray me. I searched but couldn't find anything on this matter: I think the search function is down? I own a S13 SR20DE Auto. But I'm looking to convert it to a manual. Does anybody have any contacts who do it. And what will the price be the price for the conversion? Thanks, Andy