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  1. The Dreaded SR20 VCT rattle

    I put BC springs in my car against the better advice of my tuner and it cooked a brand new VCT in about 10k kms. I put the standard valve springs back in and a brand new gear which then failed completely after a couple of weeks (it never became noisey - it stopped working altogether). I ended up putting the noisy VCT gear back in and funily enough it was completely dead quiet and remained that way for approximately 20k kms. The car now has another brand new gear in it and is dead quiet.
  2. Cams, vct, lag

    That's a very shameless plug for ones own product. As said above - I've been running poncams for years with a GT series version of your turbo with no dramas.
  3. 29 and I've had my s15 for about 7 years. When I first bough it there was not a mod to be seen - now it's got a pretty decent list and still going. I couldn't ever see myself selling it even though it's lucky to get driven once a fortnight as I've got a Corolla for daily duties to the train station anyway. The s15 still brings me much enjoyment even though I've had those few moments like all of us when I've been ready to sell the bloody thing.
  4. WOW - What happened?

    Following. I've been lurking around for years hoping this place would come back from the dead. Still got the ns.com stickers on my quarter windows 😂😂😂
  5. MIKs S15 ADM

    Awesome man. What did you pay for the new wheel if you don't mind me asking?
  6. MIKs S15 ADM

    Hey man, Love the ride! Where did you source the wheel from? I've been after one for a while.
  7. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    Sounds good 👍🏻 I have a mate in an s14 that's probably interested too
  8. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    I'm pretty keen for the Friday night. I'd be coming from Penrith so could meet you on the way?
  9. Top feed Fuel Rails for S14/S15

    I've got an alpha omega kit and it did involve relocation of a vacuum line. Happy for youto check it out if you like.
  10. Bought my dream car ;)

    Well done! What are your plans for it?
  11. I've never been a big poster on here either, however have spent many years lurking in the background anyway. I've been a member of a couple of facebook groups over the last couple of years and have removed myself after the constant sick *milkshake* hellaflush trend that seems to have a foothold now and the pointless arguments over "which colour plastidip suits my Rota's better". I still get excited every time I come on here and check active topics to see a new thread has been started of there have been a solid amount of posts made on any particular day.
  12. S15 garage sale

    Hey guys, REDUCED PRICES!! need to get rid of this stuff so i can get the car fixed Got a few parts that are sitting around doing nothing. S15 stereo surround - good condition incl hazards, demister buttons $50 $30 S15 stereo surround - had a bit of paint coming off from when it was wrapped $40 20 Whiteline rear radius arms KTA117 - brand new $200 $150 Neotech camber arms - good condition $70 $50 S15 door trims - great condition $80 each $40 each Standard exhaust cam gear - $20 $10 Factory floor matts - drivers does not match and is ripped, other 3 in perfect condition $70 $50 Black 3" silicon joiner - brand new $10 $5 Blue 3" silicon joiner - $5 BC balve springs and retainers - perfect condition, done about 10k kms $130 $90 SOLD VCT solenoid - replaced for the sake of it when I did the gear. Still works fine $50 $40 S15 radiator - upgraded to a koyo, perfect condition $40 $30 VCT gear - rattles. Make me an offer FREE to good home or going in the bin. Let me know if you'd like photos of anything and I can either email or mms them. Happy to POST if you need it
  13. S15 garage sale

    All PM's replied
  14. WTB: S15 exhaust and Cat

    Hey guys, I'm after a 3" cat that has either got pipe through it or is stuffed. Also after a 3" catback either complete straight through with blasties etc or rear muffler only. Show me what you got!
  15. Try these guys: http://www.frsport.com/Genuine-OEM-Nissan-Intake-VTC-Cam-Sprocket-S14-S15-SR20DET_p_13049.html They are near impossible to get at the best of times. I waited about 6 months for one through Taark.
  16. I'm running poncams with BC springs and it cooked a brand new VCT gear in about 10,000 kms. Got the new VCT (thanks Taark) and going back to standard springs.
  17. stgeorgetyres.com.au LET ME KNOW!

    Hi guys, what have you got in stock in a 215/40/18? Cheers
  18. what ecu for s15?

    I've got 1000cc top feds with a conversion rail in mine and the nistune controls them perfectly. Starts fine, idles fine etc. Tuned by unigroup
  19. what ecu for s15?

    As said above - nistune is the way to go. I'm running an almost identical setup with a nistune and making 240rwkw. You'll also need to Z32 as the factory AFM maxes out around 200rwkw from memory? Stick with the 1000cc injector too incase you ever do decide to go to a bigger setup (even though you said you most likely won't), you'll also have plenty of headroom for E85 if you want it retuned down the track
  20. Time for a new phone

    I dumped Optus about three weeks ago. Coverage is shit. Can never send me a bill or get the amount right. Customer service is terrible. Signed up with telstra, coverage and 3G speeds are insane and saving $30 a month and getting much better value
  21. phat wheels

    Cannot be srs?
  22. All Japan Day Sydney - we're back!

    me to You're both in, just rock up on the day if in doubt Awesome! I can't wait!
  23. All Japan Day Sydney - we're back!

    I entered earlier this year and haven't heard anything to say that I'm entered for the 13th. How do I find out if I'm entered?
  24. Mine has been doing it for ages, I have a noisy lifter which goes away as soon as the motor reaches normal oil pressure. VCT is a very similar noise, but from my experience it tends not to go away after 10 or so seconds and remains for some time.