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  1. Photo's

    Lol tranny. Not bad photos
  2. Spotted cars

    Gold 33 around sounding horn
  3. RWC/defects?

    Sounds the goods. Been in melb all my life so used to tight cops (even though I been lucky with my GTR lol) plus knowing people who do "rwc" lol. Thanks for the help
  4. Hi all. Me and the missus are moving up to Darwin in the next feew weeks and were bringing up my lightly modified GTR her modified s13 and a pig 180 daily. Just wondering what kinda trouble imports normally get from the police and how hard rwc are to get (ie how tight are they). Any help appreciated cheers guys.
  5. Australian Defence Force info

    sweeet got a nice video of recovery vehicle demolishing lockers down at SOARMD.. nothing beats the sound of an abrams Agree with your post about boss' can make ur life shit and thinking if they got treated like shit they'll treat their diggers like shit... not much u can do except go to the boozer after knock off lol
  6. ISC Coilovers

    Thanks mate.. Think i might get some.. Sick of stock 15yr old shocks in the GTR.. lol
  7. ISC Coilovers

    cool.. cheers mate!!
  8. ISC Coilovers

    Hey guys.. noticed this bloke is a sponser.. and his coilovers r a reasonable price.. Has ne one had experience with these.. good value for money etc? Any help appreciated
  9. 1994 R32 GTR

    Hi all.. picked up my first import the other day.. Been a commodore driver thought it was time for a change.. Engine: RB26DETT N1 w/ sandwich block and what look to be stock turbos Exhaust: Race cat with Trust 3" cat back exhaust BOV's: Blitz ECU: Apexi Power FC Pro Box: 5speed out of a 33 Clutch: Stock clutch but new system out of a 33 (pull type instead of push type apparently) Brakes: Nissan 4 piston fronts, 2 piston rears with Hawk high temp friction pads and cross drilled rotors all round Suspension: Stock Wheels: 16 inch GTR rims with shit bridgestone run flats on them Interior: Defi guages (oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, tacho with warning and boost guage with warning) and came with the controllers for it Blitz SBC I colour boost controller and Apexi pen type turbo timer (needs to be put in) Power: 254awkw on 1 bar boost Came with stock jap tape deck and rear speakers.. polk fronts.. just put in type r 6.5inch 2 ways in the rear and a pioneer DEH-P8100BT head unit. Plans are to change suspension and tires to get some form of traction through first gear.. Maybe some different turbos and new fmic
  10. EPA laws

    ahh ok cool.. heard mixed things about it.. i guess its just personal preferance.. just trying to get as much info as i can befor purchasing a GTR.. as its my first import/non holden.. dont wanna get the f**k around lol
  11. Australian Defence Force info

    enjoy 1st armd? see some 1st armd guys down at pucka every now n then
  12. EPA laws

    its running a wolf v500 from memory
  13. EPA laws

    cheers for the help guys.. Based on this i dont think i'll bothe with this GTR.. might just find a nice clean GTR with origional setup (well twin at lease) much appreciated!
  14. Australian Defence Force info

    LOL i remember DFR was a *milkshake* for me.. took me about a year n a half to get in.. now i want out lol.. go figure