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  1. What front bar is that ADDRacing?
  2. Striping interior (180sx)

    Hmmm. I guess I will be putting it back in. Thanks for the advice Neil. Need to find some nice clean carpet now.
  3. Striping interior (180sx)

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread. Is it really a lot louder? I've bought a 180sx shell with semi-removed sound deadening, and not sure if I should put it back in or not. No carpet either. Would it be annoying as a daily? Cheers!
  4. Swinburn uni/tafe hawthorn?

    Is RoboMech good? Umm it's quite hard. If you don't do the work you will be f**ked. Having said that, I dont' really do the work and I'm getting through, just. The course is absolutely not what you expect. There is very little about Robots. You will be mainly doing a lot of hard maths, mechanics and electronics subjects. And you won't be learning the fun stuff. Most of the subjects are really dry. I'm in too deep to change course now, and you can pretty much go into any engineering field once your done so it's worth finishing. Hope this doesn't put you off, but it really is a very difficult course. Make sure you go to all your lectures and tutes and keep on top of your work, else you will end up not knowing anything exam time and freak out....not that I can talk.
  5. Swinburn uni/tafe hawthorn?

    I go there. Robotics Mechatronics and Comp Science. But doing IBL this year so you won't see me. OMG when I get back I will be in my 4th year!!!!! AAAAARGH! That's scary.
  6. ######## PANELS in sunshine

    Is this the same place you were telling me about a while ago? The one where the guy from the Merc place works part-time? Told you, you should have went to Yes! haha. You would have had a respray for 1.6k. At least it would have been done. Oh well. Seriously, time for some Sunshine justice
  7. My Project Car, sil80 400hp - FOR SALE

    Just curious, with the wide rear guards, did you cut out some of the metal guards for more clearance?
  8. car pc

    WTF! That's crazy! How does it detect what key's you press though?
  9. car pc

    Well I was looking at purchasing a second-hand IBM A31 series laptop (very common, as was durable and hence many ex-company ones). A dock for this model IBM was $25 at Computet Swap Meet. There was plenty of these in stock, so you could probably get a good price on two (one for home and one to pull apart for the car).
  10. car pc

    Yeh you can configure the laptop to run the external touch-screen. The only drawback is the HDD cost per capacity. However laptop hard drives are much more durable than desktop drives. Don't expect a desktop 200gig to last very long in a car environment. Desktops have a few drawbacks such as relatively high power consumption, no secondary battery to aid during cranking, annoying PCI cards, more expensive power supply, etc..
  11. car pc

    You can get decent 1000Mhz P3 Laptops for about $280, or $200 with broken screens (no HDD). A dock for it costs another $25 (Second Hand). I was trying my brother's laptop in the car and it seems like a really good solution. - Just buy a in-car laptop power supply ($30) - Laptop is removable, so easy to upload data, reinstall etc... - Laptop has a battery, so it won't shut down when you're cranking, and you can set it to auto-power off when the power is disconnected. - You can wire everything into the dock, so the laptop just clicks in and is removable.
  12. car pc

    How do you use that site to download?
  13. KKR Series Turbos

    Unless it would cause him to make a huge profit...
  14. Digiclimate swap nearly complete

    Digi climate control should dim down when your headlights are on, this is so it doesn't blind you at night. Is it barely visible during the day or at night also. If only during day, then that is fine.
  15. I bought a cheapie for the S13 and the bonnet doesn't close properly. Spend a little extra and get something decent. You can have mine for $30 :-)