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  1. b a m b i i bambii404@live.com.au I have tried deleting cookies and tried changing my password - it lets me change it when i put my email address but when i try to change my password using my username it says i don't exist I've also tried the activation thing that is sent in the change password confirmation email and it's still not letting me login xo
  2. b a m b i i bambii404@live.com.au It lets me change my 'forgotten password' if i put my email address, but if i put my username it says there is no username b a m b i i. I have done the activation thing in the email to change password and it hasn't helped its still says i don't exist
  3. Extreme Horsepower Show - Cruise

    As if i'd just get in the car with some random who says their going. It wasn't particularly about the ride. Just trying to get a discussion about THE CRUISE cos theres not much on the site. But yeah, a lot of help it's been anyway. Pfft
  4. Extreme Horsepower Show - Cruise

    I only just set this up so that stuff will come later, no pics on the work puta! WTH! Who minussed my rep? Im only new don't be mean!
  5. The extreme horsepower show is on this weekend. Does anyone know what the deal is with the Cruise? I dunno, there isn't much info on the site.