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  1. went up to watch was a little dissappointed... the track and spectator set up was worse than last time... how come the pits were moved??? where they were last time was awesome!! viewing from the other side of the track was wayyyyyyyyy better!! also how come there wasnt as many food vans and all that?? kinda seamed like a practice by the turn out and how the set up was... last time had an awsome atmosphere.. with the dj and all... not really into mix 102.3 style music...... other than that loved the comp and the idea of lots of track time also the driving was good!!! can see this getting bigger with more drivers... and a few changes......
  2. 180 circuit build.

    awesome build dude!! those braces look awsome let me know what the build quality is like as im looking at buying some from those guys...
  3. my ra23 celica..

    cheers dude yeah my car is gonna be simalar to that one minus the crazy stretch flares and oil cooler....
  4. RONE SHIRYO's Shinigami Silvia [updated 17/07]

    looks awsome!!! love that your doing it right!! apart from keeping it auto... good luck will be watching this build!!
  5. cage info pls

    cams insurance... requires a cams licence.. mallala is run under cams insurance so in order to go on the track a cams licence is required...
  6. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    hey just wondeirng where did you get those black and silver 17 by 9 +15 wheels from??? and how much you pay??? car is lookin good dude!!
  7. delete

    nothing to see here
  8. Hardtuned.net CHARITY CRUISE

    awesome!!!! its a rego'ed grip track car so cant wait
  9. Hardtuned.net CHARITY CRUISE

    spewing!!!! i was hoping to have my track car ready for all these charity cruise's in the summer..... but this one is a little to soon
  10. im keen... more info please
  11. Tailem Bend.. Your Opinion ?

    it was effing RAD!! im so entering in my car next time
  12. Tyre Review thread.

    re001's are sick iv used them lots highly recomend them!!! but make sure you get the jap made ones... i think buddy parts can get em there alot better then the aussie ones
  13. Drift DAY practice - SEP 4th

    can i bring my huffy slider out?
  14. Aus drift, what killed it?

    drifts is gay... huffy sliding has taken over!!! thats what happened..
  15. SA Drift Calendar!

    i say this pic of sam temple... (drift super cup street class winner) LOL....