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  1. rb 20/25 conversion

    Thanks bling. Was just checking as i wasnt sure. Got 250rwkw rb25 going in instead haha
  2. Hey everyone So just found out my r32 gtst has done a head gasket.. the guy fixing it has a rb25 head laying around... Is it possible to do this conversion? If so would anything need to be modded to make it work? Cheers
  3. weird noise whilst reversing

    could possibly be this....
  4. weird noise whilst reversing

    probs the normal reverse noise an s13 makes.. cant tell unless you post a video mate
  5. Defects Funny

    i got a defect on my stock s13 when i got had it.. it was for having a mario keyring hanging off the tow hook :/
  6. Joeys R33 4 door

    hahaha im in VIC.. bummer
  7. Joeys R33 4 door

    if you werent in QLD i'd swap you cash aand my gtr's for your VSXX
  8. Things that make you laugh

    myself and some mates went out clubbing on monday night as there were public holiday specials.. anyway i got blind as f**k and could barely walk. myself, a chick i too home and my mate gt a taxi home together. we dropped my mate as his and then went back to mine.. i, in my drunk state decided to have a shower, mistake 1.. the chick decided to jump in with me.. we fooled about for a bit then she got out.. i proceeded to sit in the bottom of the shower, cause well, i was drunk... i then passed out over the drain hole causing the shower to fill up... i almost drowned in the shower LOL!! the chick had to drag me out of the shower
  9. Stolen: R32 GTR

    f**k!!! hope the dog kents get the f**king faces stomped! hope you get it back mate!
  10. lift them up off the windscreen and wiggle and pull....
  11. i only get 320km to a tank in my r32 hahaha, i have learnt to deal with it after changing spark plugs, 02 sensor, coilpacks and granny driving i still dont get any more k's but meh
  12. s13 Comfort

    i have had coilovers in all my daily driven s13's.. and i would never go to springs, get soft spring rates and soften the damper settings.... i'd go for coilovers IMO