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  1. How to become a Professional rally Driver

    That story made my day! Ahahaha How did you come by it?
  2. evo 9 brembos on a silvia s15

    sounds interesting. How much it cost you?
  3. luxury watches

    be careful when buying from ebay and especially hong kong/macau. Dad's a collector and man he's seen some dodgy shit. Like Genuine rolexes with NON-MATCHING serial numbers, its like they've taken parts from various rolexes and put them together. We used to live in Singapore so that's were he normally gets his watches from; mainly from reputable dealers. Like Rolex Centre, The Hour Glass and for 2nd hand watches Passions and JW Watch. And Especially when buying a Rolex cause there's so many damn fakes i've seen (some with sapphire crystal and swiss movements lol why don't you get the real thing) always buy with papers (papers as in service reports like a log book for a car)
  4. Airsoft guns( BB guns) wanted

    Yea anything that even RESEMBLES a military style weapon is REALLY REALLY Illegal in australia. Even if its just a bb gun and you paint it Blue/Orange to mark that its a dud. And if you're caught with it, good luck being someone's bitch in jail and you'll lose your firearms license too. I think a 3 month suspended sentence might not be the case, cause they're out to make an example of anyone in breech of firearms law. You know bureaucrats.. BTW, a bb gun is considered a firearm under the law too. Not a toy. Even paintball markers are considered firearms.
  5. Brake Upgrades S13... Update on page 2

    Seriously where do you guys find all these bargain stuff.. I thought i've been looking everywhere, but apparently i'm not looking hard enough.

    stretch marks are kind of genetic. Some people are more prevalent to get them. So there's no silver bullet to prevent or 'cure' it. Some creams minimise its visibility but it should go away over time.
  7. Toyota Supa Fail

    I vote to confiscate car for ADR crash testing. Or he's just colour blind. I know how you feel TheDave, i got a neighbour with one ugly assss lancer..
  8. Tilton/Wilwood Pedal Boxes FAQ's... ?

    I was thinking bout this too but it ended up being too costly. Extra master cylinders, moving the seats back, extending steering column etc. If you figure it out let me know! Group buy maybe, if my budget allows lol
  9. Worlds Most Beautiful Garages

    I hope they have hot & single daughters!! Goldigger much? I don't get it why they want to build such a nice 'house' just to store their cars..
  10. 370z FAIL

    Totally! Feedback of 1.. no ebay store etc.. I could find so many better things to spend 50 grand on.. Wonder who would buy it.
  11. Yea there's so many brake options out there that i just got confused. Where did you get your ap racing gear from? Cause i drove down to racer industries and project mu were almost 5 grand for the front 4 pot 4 pads with rear rotors and pads, which is wayy off budget. I was only planning on spending 2-3k on brakes.
  12. thanks for explaining it so clearly srs13. I thought those wilwoods on ebay were cheap, only a passing idea but if they don't fit, then its back to r33 brembos. Oh well, looks like i have to keep an eye out on the classified forums.. Thanks guys.
  13. Found some stuff on ebay, was wondering if it would be better than the r34 brembos.. Wilwood or Wilwood GT6000 they are ex-nascar stuff and seem pretty cheap.
  14. so where do you guys look for your parts? Cause all the importers around the gold coast are asking way too much then according to your price recommendations. Is it worth risking eBay japan?
  15. tell us EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE GETTING AND I MIGHT ANSWER lol my bad. front s14 knuckle, spindle hub and lca, rear r33 hubs and bearings i think, plus front and rear r33 brembos with eagle plate adapter