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  1. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    Bump. Can anyone tell me, replacing a torque converter gasket, is that worth trying? ive heard that its not really worth trying cause given that it already went there is probably damage to the torque converter and it would need to be replaced aswell? also I know its sort of the wrong category for this, but car is still off road, and from what ive gathered most people just turf their auto trannys, not check if anyone needs. (cause besides me, who would haha) Anyone got an auto tranny for an sr20/anyone know anyone with one/anyone got an s13 sr20de manual conversion kit lying around that they'd part with for a decent price?
  2. Is Australia Becoming Corrupt?

    you people seem to not be able to read, my argument isn't about paying someone to clean my shit, its asking "do you know where the money goes"?? Very simple question.If you can answer it correctly you will get a gold star.K GO! That was the point of my post, if you list off all the steps involved and account for their individual costs that is where the money goes. the majority of it would go like flying said on safe disposal, aka, paying some other company to take it away no doubt, and of the remainder the majority of that would go in labor fees and administration. we're talking about a small sum of money, divided up across several different expense areas. how much do you really think the "Corrupt" are pocketing here? cause costs aside, the best they could be taking there is pocket change....
  3. Is Australia Becoming Corrupt?

    Gotta say i'm with flying180 on this, its a pretty standard fee ( if not on the lower end), if you think about the fact you're pretty much just paying someone to rinse/wipe it out with some kinda disinfectant/antibacterial agent it does seem over the top, but if you then take into account the inspection time, paper work, phoning you, having it done + chems used and disposed of in a "safe manor", more paper work, repackaging and finally reshipping it kinda makes sense. Really is a case of making something big out of a little job, but the only way it could really be avoided is for it to be packaged properly etc from the start and that really is the only place the blame can lie....
  4. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    Definitely keen to give it a try, it's the cost more than anything. I'm a low budget uni student Atm so a 1200-1500 price tag scares me more than any of the mechanical work haha Not sure, did some searching but can't find much, hit the same barrier of no one is the silvia world likes the autos so bits of info are few and far between. Anyone know?
  5. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    Nah It'll be a big step up when I upgrade, deregister and track. Probably either rb25 or something V8, either way, gearbox will need to step up then anyway I reckon
  6. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    haha damn you're all breaking my heart here! terrible timing by me. wongyikhai, might take you up on that depending on if i can track one... ill pm you now. thanks heaps buddy anyone else! if you've got one lying around now ill gladly save you the trouble of a scrap metal run haha?
  7. Price : $10 Condition : Used Hey guys, Auto box died today, looking forward to a manual conversion one day but in the mean time need an auto box to get the car back on road.Needs to be working.Anyone who has one in Vic let me know Ty guys
  8. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    Also can anyone give me a few details on whats involved in fitting an auto box?
  9. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    Yeah, well when I said upgrade I ment full tranny, engine swap. Hence why I wasn't keen on manual yet really. Would go to waste...
  10. s13 sr20de auto to manual vs. repair auto

    Straight swap would go pretty easy I spose.... Anyone got an sr20 auto box around melbourne? ??
  11. Ok so I know this has been done to death, and im not asking for another guide, already done a search and found a few good ones. All I need is some more specific opinions. So my sr20de s13 transmission finally died today, something ive more or less expected over the last 2 years. Pretty sure it was the torque converter seal, absolutely dumped its fluid all over the road from the bellhousing and lost all transfer of power from the engine to the wheels. From research ive done it looks like this repair ballparks in the $1300 region. So naturally this resparked the idea of converting to manual for me like just about everyone has seemed to consider at one point or another. My only hesitation is that I was already planning an upgrade in a year or so and didn't really want to spend the money/time if I didnt have to. So my real qurstions are: what do you guys think would be the best option/ price difference? Also curious who our there has a conversion kit spare and how much? Also anyone who can possibly do it for me and costs involved ? (Not afraid or opposed to giving it a go myself but would rather know it was done right if possible) I should add im in vic aswell i spose. Ty!
  12. Price : $500 Condition : Used Hey, had a search but cant find much, im after a set of relatively cheap rims for my s13, standard 4x114 stud pattern. would like with tyres cause thats the biggest problem with mine atm (besides that they're stockies). just got my $500 tax return so thats my absolute top. just curious if anyone has anything decent lying around they'd wanna get rid of. would profer 17s but will consider 16/18 too. dont have to be anything amazing and not overly fussed on colour, but i gotta like em a bit i guess hah if you have anything please give me pics, roughly what tread they have and how much you're after cheers guys vic only
  13. mine too... never really noticed till the other day and since then its been really bugging me... i really should fix that... wonder if it is just the light?
  14. hi guys, my girlfriend owns a factory white 1997 Gli 4 door lancer. she is interested in swapping the boot lid, hers has no spoiler, for one that has a standard spoiler... just wondered if there was anyone out there interested in such a deal condition is immac, hope for the same from any traded item. sorry in advance if this is the wrong place for the thread, cheers.
  15. looked into these alot when i was car hunting. test drove a couple too, nice to drive but like has been said, they're wide cars. engine bays are extremely tight too, any modifications you will do yourself will require ALOT more work than most cars... not to mention an NA 300 is a fat, heavy car without the push if twins so its not gunna be a quick car either... you'll probably have more fun in something else... mr2's are sweet cars, wouldnt have minded one of these though found a nice sil 2 seaters tho