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  1. My S14 build

    so bit of an update window tint done, staying legal and done 35% shimmed diff, its like a locker lol got new rims with tyres fitted drop the front for some nice fitment
  2. My S14 build

    entered into the vic drifts drift skills at deca, should be fun as i had wrote before that the diff need to be fixed, so over the weekend i shimmed my diff up i went from the standard 2 shims (which i removed) to 3 shims which works out to 2.79mm worth of shims the diff is tight as f**k, its so wired driving the car but its such a rush at the same time its probably gonna take a while to wear it in, i hope it dose wear in cause it isnt as comfortable as it used to be lol for anyone wanting to shimm there diff up its easy but it can be time consuming and you need the right tools, the most important tool you need is a vice so over the next few days im gonna try clock up a few and see if the shims wear in a little bit also gonna go get the windows tinted, got to get all the old tint removed and get some new tint put on

    where was this photo taken mate? and what are those things in the background?
  4. UK Spec Nissan 200sx S14a

    epic thread any new updates? i know it has been a while.... lol
  5. ahhk cheers mate, im going to attempt shimming my diff on the weekend, ill see if i can grab some pics just wanted some feed back from what people have used or know about I going to remove the stock standard shimms and replace them with the 1.25mm shims on both side, the reason why im going the 1.25mm is that they have it in stock otherwise im gonna have to wait 3 weeks for the larger ones to come down from Japan and I don't really want to wait lol Do you think the 1.25mm shim will be will be alright and it will lock the diff up nice and tight and make it like it was when it was like new or should I wait and get the larger size shims? I don't really want it to be tight like a locker because I use my car as a daily and I hate it when the car is unusable and im also getting new rear input shaft seals cause 1 of them is kinda ozzing oil out of it. the part numbers for the 1.25mm shim is 38424-40f75 and the price i got from nissan today was $15.56 each the part number for the seal was 38342p9000 and it was $28.25 each cheers guys
  6. My S14 build

    yeah tell me about it i was in love the first couple do days and the it started raining i got the same set as the whites but in black, havent had time to go get tyres on the as of yet, but hopefully soon how is your s14 going anyway updated the build thread yet? thanks man, yeah it dose take a while but i supose thats the best thing about it yeah i missed the drift teks aswell, personaly i love the look of those rims if only they were a little bit more agressive i would have still kept them but i like to change things up a little bit update got a Greedy diversion plate painted it black to go with the whole sleeper look, hides the intercooler from the top, good thing to have imo also got 300mm broadway mirror for added street cred lol getting windows tinted in the a few weeks cause the old tint is getting old ummm waiting on gkteck to release a few new products which i will snap up right away will upload a few pics tomorrow hopefully lol
  7. My S14 build

    cheers guys well i kinda lost my shit and sold the white rims off and decieded that im going back again just trying to save a bit of cash so i can get the whole front and rear arms set up going, not going sway bars anytime soon cash needs to be spent else where if anyone know where i can get a 1.5way i would love to know, the car needs it badly still gota few things i have to do on the car other than that its all good baby baby
  8. Price : $1,250 Condition : Used For sales White TE37 superlaps style rims in mint condition 18 9+20 all round 5 stud, come with center caps, front tyres brand new bridgestone potenza adrenalin, rear continental sports 60% or so, 225 45 18 front and rear, reason for sale i got over the colour and want to go black again. asking price is $1250 ono or $950 ono with out front tyres
  9. My S14 build

    kinda miss the black rims because of the whole stealth look that i was going for, but i like changing the rims up so the car kinda looks different
  10. My S14 build

    For some unknown reason i cant seem to upload some of the pictures of the car atm, ill try again after work Nis14 thanks man are you from around the area? lol at antonio and muski the cars do look really similar a few people i know have gotten them mixed up before
  11. My S14 build

    so a bit of an update sold my old drift teks off for a new set of rims specs on the rims are 18x9 +20 all round with 225's all round got an new alarm installed along with a GPS tracking chip thingy works really well i would recommend everyone to get one gave it a service and fixed the power steering pump leak got the front bar sprayed after someone hit it at work and got a good old clean, cut polish and detail interior and exterior haven't been driving it as much as i use to, got a daily which is a ford focus (cute car lol) im waiting on a few GKtech products so i can start doing stuff to the car again Stuff i still need to do -Diff -Camber and to arms -Sway bars -Nismo engine and gearbox mounts -Bushes front and rear really want to start tracking it but im really low on funds atm been really busy with uni and stuff, hopefully when vic drift runs there drift skills day i will have enough cash to do it
  12. Sold - $0

    Price : $0 Condition : Used Sold
  13. zenki 14 with navan goodness

    car is looking good, its come a long way from was it was before, i still kinda wish i had gone with the whole Navan set up........