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  1. I sold my s13 a few weeks back but i'll definitely come down in the mazda 3!
  2. Prac Day Nov 16th (GRIP)

    I'll be there in the s13 if my fuel pump turns up in time!
  3. Sounds like my car! full genuine plastic aero kit and gunmetal rota grids
  4. Make : HUSQVARNA 125CR (CR125) Kilometres : 0 Price : $2,500 Condition : Used 2004 Husqvarna CR125, 2 stroke Bike is in good condition, runs great and starts first or second kick and has never let me down I have all the hand books to go with the bike aswell Looking to get $2,500 ono. cash only, no swaps. Call/Text 0412 627 421
  5. girl driving an S15 on Main North Road, looked nice was next to her for a bit in the S13
  6. Removing 180SX windows

    just pay to get them taken out and put back in.. it's only like $80 a window if you're going to paint, it will be better with them out, cause then the paint will last longer and be a cleaner job.
  7. Girl driving a yellow flat front KE70.. damn
  8. Hey guys, I'm just wondering where the best place to find bolt on flares are for s13? and if anyone has a picture of what the ones look like from viva garage.. I want to cover my poke
  9. S13 bolt on flares

    Okay, well they're 18x10+12 and stick out a fair bit... here's a better picture If i slam it you think they'll cover?
  10. s13 window shields?

    http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/home/3 here?
  11. Rubber Band gun I also still have my atari and tazos
  12. RANT! about 3!

    +1 take it to the Ombudsman.. it will be sorted quickly
  13. bolt on spacers

    im running 27mm on the front and never had a problem.. just make sure they are hubcentric. i got mine from wheelworx
  14. mario theme song with R/C car ;)

    haha, so much win !
  15. im about to respray mine, im gonna go the same colour (midnight blue) but maybe a shade or 2 lighter..
  16. racing in the car park

    haha retards..
  17. they're local for me, so im always in there and from what i've heard they're good with shipping
  18. http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/home/ here..
  19. S14 Front, which is better?

    series 2, they look tuff
  20. just get some 1500 maybe even 800 wet rub and feather it back so there's no edges from where it's peeling and then spray some clear over it
  21. $10 Test

    haha >. the 3x 'haha awesome' comments in a row made me laugh when i scrolled down too >.