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  1. We want YOUR car on our website!

    like your car is any better mate...
  2. We want YOUR car on our website!

    mine, still not done yet
  3. hi guys, i know its abit ut of the ordinary but adleast its a nissan lol. i have a bluebird SSS 94, afew mods here and there and running mint as except for 1 little problem.... Everytime i warm up the car it starts fine, then after 3 minutes or so it start to knock and rattle non stop, and also when you drive and hit 2000RPM it also knocks a little also! Its getting really annyoing and just wanted to know if any other guys here have had this same problem....??? What i have been told is to buy NEW timing chain kit, with tensioners and guides and new chain, NEW idler pulleys and the belt that goes around the pulleys. Do you think this will fix the problem? (i know its hard because you havent heard it) I need all the help i can get! Levz