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  1. import catergories

    some good ideas, cheers
  2. Hi were trying to nut out the import catergories for a local cruise. The problem is in the past weve only had "best asian import" and this meant that clean stock cars qere in same catergory as modified and unfortunately the judges chose the stock one over some very nice modified. Weve decided to split it in to two catergories "modified tuner" and stock/clean. What im chasing is some feed back about what would people call the clean stock car catergory that makes sence to import fans and if you were someone with an import entering the show what would you think of the split and what things would you like to see judging based on?
  3. need dyno!

    hi, were holding a show in gero in w.a., in previous years weve had a 2wd dyno that wasnt rated that high, so were trying to find a new 4wd dyno so we can open the show up to more imports.......... but the dyno we had been eyeing off has fallen through we are keen to do what we can to facilitate you coming up to geraldton with a decent dyno, remembering that we are a charity event. so if you know someone who could possibly bring a dyno up or you are a shop and can help us PLEASE GET IN CONTACT!!! my email is ROYCEY1987@HOTMAIL.COM
  4. wedding cars

    this is the kinda thing im after.... sssturbo thats gettin close to what im after, chasing 2 cars.
  5. wedding cars

    probably a long shot but.... whilst i would love to have some gtrs or something as wedding cars im not allowed, so does anyone know how i can get a couble of classic old cars (want kind of 50's "gangster" style cars) in northern tasmania????? iv looked at a local club but they specifically say WE DO NOT PROVIDE WEDDING CARS which is rediculous.
  6. bigger injectors

    need help asap!!! the injectors are now sitting in the fuel rail, however the stock rubber spacer that sits inside the cap that gets screwed down is too big, what are you meant to use as a spacer.
  7. bigger injectors

    ok, so how do i go about adjusting pfc? iv not messed around in tuning area...
  8. bigger injectors

    at moment it has fmic, boost @ 13psi, 040 fuelpump, hi flow turbo and power fc.
  9. hey iam just about to put some 555cc in jectors in my gtst, and will be going in to get tuned shortly after. will it run fine til it gets tuned? or will it over fuel/chew thru fuel? i would of though it would overfuel etc. but iv been told that it should run fine by a mate whos been round performance nissans alot longer than me. so now i dont know??? cheers for any help.
  10. iv heard that it can be done using guitar or piano wire to cut out window? time wont be an issue, and how about the metal stripthat runs allong the seal? are they gettable?
  11. hey just curious on my dyno sheet (dyno dynamics) what all the info in bottom left corner stands for, there is BP, RH, AT, IT, RR, TN, CK and CF. Im guessing that AT is atmospheric temp and IT is intake tem. but what do the rest stand for??? cheers
  12. hey every one. gota bit off a problem with rust underand around the rear quarter windows. noother place on the car, just around those two windows. has any one else had thins problem? im thinking of taking it to a window place to get removed, then do the repairs and painting myself and taking it back to window place to get windows put back in. how much about should this cost? how much are new window surrounds? or alternatively how hard is it to remove and install windows yourself? iv asked a while ago when i got my front window replaced and they said the quarter windows would be heaps more, but not sure if it was labour was the main expense or the actual glass and surrounds. and its on an s2 r33 gtst. thanks if anyone can help my predicament.
  13. turbo oil feed restrictor

    turned out there was sludge in the sump, think the banjo was gettn blocked by the sludge. cleaned the whole system out an dno more problems.
  14. r33 dying at random times

    long story but turned out there was a tiny bit of corrosion on the afm circuit, cleaned it hopefully problem has gone away but wont know til it hasnt happened for a while cos of it happening at random times.
  15. r33 dying at random times

    seems to be over fueling. when it dies the revs slowly go down as its til i put clutch in and it just drops revs and shuts down, no stuttering. afm was first thing i checked, gave it a good clean. Will check it with multi meter. Have pulled out all spark plugs and checked to see theyr all burning cleanly (wich they r). Also thort could possibley be o2 sensor. Iv read they wear out and need to be replaced every so often. Am thinking a false reading could cause ecu to over fuel.