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  1. Townsville Members

    Hey guys.. I've just gotten back up here to Townsville after 6 years away.. Left when I was 17 so didn't know the car scene too much.. Been in the scene pretty hard in Darwin for the last 5 years.. Does much go on up here?? I got a full built R34 GTR Vspec with big single and wouldnt mind a cruise sometime.. Just about to get tuned at Whitehouse St. mechanical and hoping for 450awkw on pump 98.. Hit me up if theres anything going on around here soon..
  2. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

    Enough room for a big turbo
  3. SXDevelopments 180SX (SXD180) - CNC Shiny stuff

    Very nice build, keep up the good work...

    If anyone would like to do this, PM me and I'll organize to get some money from you and send it to the boys an arrange dates..?

    I'll be up for a tune.. I have a fully built R34 GTR I need tuned up here, I'd love to get it tuned by powertune as it has similar specs to your R34 GTR.. However it is 2.6 and runs a precision billet 6766.. It did 279awkw at 9psi for its run in.. I'm sure people up here would love to see it tuned well..
  6. Brett's SR22VET S1480

    Wow mate that's a full on engine build for a street car, looking forward to seeing results..
  7. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

    Great build hahaha great idea!! And I bet if he sold me something, he'd be a great seller too haha
  8. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

  9. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    Looking really good mate, can't wait to see what power it makes
  10. SXDevelopments 180SX (SXD180) - CNC Shiny stuff

    Looks awesome, can wait to see it done.. And out and about haha Looks awesome, can wait to see it done.. And out and about haha
  11. Hey mate, I saw you driving out at Mallala tonight, you were putting out HUGE smoke and carried heaps of speed!! However, when it comes to battles you just have to stay calm and focus on the track infront of you.. With more tandem practice you'll be a very good and competitive driver
  12. 180 track car, new shell Rays 57d's and type x kit

    Were you out sliding at Mallala on the 12th? I think I may have got some photos of you haha
  13. Wow man, that's one hell of a cage!!! Looks great!