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    Cars, Imports, cars, cars, mods, cars, food, cars, Xbox, PS3, Dsi, PC, Drifting, Burning rubber :-P etc etc!
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  1. Hi KDash, Sounds abit complicated. I wouldnt make a move if she has a bf, if shes too comfortable to leave him, she'll prob just string you along for the ride knowing that she isnt guna leave her current bf. But on the other hand, you only live once! If you like her and you know she likes you.. maybe just say stuff along the lines of 'if you didnt have a bf id love to take you out for dinner'' and see what her reaction is... Goodluck :-)
  2. lol many + repz to u! but i guess if u wana sound like a bush pig bogan. lol was at work.. couldnt be f**ked with my grammar! Big deal man
  3. What B'day present to get

    They both sound awesum... but ive been on a helicopter flight and it was great!! Not everyone can say they've been in a helicopter.. And she'll always remember that you were the one who took her on one! So id go with that one (aslong as shes not scared of heights etc) lol Goodluck!
  4. all i can say is WTF

    lol 'there will be no shit coming in contact with my penis' LMFAO!! wat a fag cheese..
  5. Hi :-)

    Thanks Schmenz :-) Ooohh, i would never have guessed it was short for that.. i know wat skandinavian flick is- but had no idea wat scando was lol
  6. Hi :-)

    Thankyou :-) wat were you in? Wats Scando?? lol Nah thats my bf's sil80/onevia- but my money will be going into getting it on track :-) Thanks for the welcome!
  7. Hi :-)

    Hi guys, I’ve been a member on here for a few months now and realised that I haven’t done a new member intro :-) My names Ness, live in Vic and I have an s13 sr20det manual. Love cars, video games, PC games, imports, drifting, modifying, burnouts, racing.. the usual ;-P Have HEAPS of plans for her, but in the middle of moving out, so won’t have the money for a few months. Trying to get more drift practice, but vic sucks!! Anyway, What she came with- Koni shocks all round ACL forged race pistons and bearings Welded diff Lowered King springs Exedy heavy duty clutch Drift gear knob s14 s2 gearbox What we’ve done so far- ISC 52mm alloy radiator Gktech rocker arm stoppers Gktech over flow bottle 12inch twin thermo fans Custom Hybrid fmic setup Custom airbox Custom Boost gauge setup Boost controller Inside of boot stripped and sprayed matte black Just random bits n pieces for now.. New silicone hose kit will be next as its already cracked a heater hose.. Lovin the cars on here btw :-)

    Hmmm a 'not too short- not too long' day cruise would be good- then we can get some photos :-) plus we'd be less likely to get defected at day. lol I dont really mind tho... ill go with watever

    Yep def interested- will try my best to be there :-) will ask CRZY33 if she wants to come aswell :-P
  10. what to get my BF for his 21st

    Aww ive always wanted one of these :-(
  11. what to get my BF for his 21st

    I got my bf a silver mens bracelet with something special engraved on it. Depends if he'd wear it or not though.
  12. Any girl >>import<< owners in vic?

    Am now a member
  13. Any girl >>import<< owners in vic?

    Hey Sil80sr :-) id be interested in joining- vic sucks when it comes to imports/drift events/cruises etc, so anything that does actually happen is a bonus! Guna move states in a few years probably lol Anyway, is it free to join? How do you find out about the cruises on their site>> Thanks
  14. Photo of your ride

    Awesum car SXGIRL!! Love your engine bay!
  15. tattoos

    Your welcome :-) hope it works!! Let us know how it goes..