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  1. Rb20 Forward facing Intake

    just buy a arc side mount, legal and a sleeper upgrade
  2. 4wd light r32

    dw man im in the same boat as you, common problem with gts4 but its just a cluster fault
  3. r32 boost issues

    wouldnt be your coilpacks by anychance? because my 32 wasnt boosting at all untill my mechanic looked at it and turned out to be that
  4. RONE SHIRYO's Shinigami Silvia [updated 17/07]

    nice, rone do u have the standard shifter or didnt it come withthe deal?
  5. short shifters

    bit off topic does anyone have a sr standard shifter? will swap for short shifter
  6. new gen of coilovers

    well your from queensland so yea.. not your type of design haha
  7. Ladasha the R32 gts-t build

    you know bubble night club in city? tekno joint, u have more colours on your dash than their laser lights lol
  8. Ladasha the R32 gts-t build

    sweet dash lights, f**k bubble.. go get jumping in the ribena haha
  9. new gen of coilovers

    for serious track work ey ive never stubled across these before on ns so sorry if its a repost, still quite interesting how its designed to work
  10. new gen of coilovers

    lol i no huh they look that bad i wouldnt think it would actualy preform any good
  11. new gen of coilovers

    has anyone came across these b4? thought it might interest some FEATURES-Adjustable nitrogen canister-High speed compression adjustment-Low speed compression adjustment-Rebound adjustment-Adjustable preloaded springs-Full ride height adjustment (Race height or Lowered for looks)-Reduced unsprung weight http://www.fatcatfabrication.com/id3.html

    ^ check the n/a forums regulary so everyone has an update of everything even though it was a small turnout it was good seeing a few of yous there once again till then check the forums more offten, get involved and be safe
  13. s12 .compliments give me a woody

    nice diy work
  14. heres a rough idea mate! s13 sr20det manual $5000 - $7000 coilovers $1200 diff $800 cage $400 wheels $1200 hd clutch $800 engine build and tune $2700 maitnance/track fees/tryres ect.. $900
  15. DANDY NIGHTS S13.5 2nd coming 320rwkw

    nice work on the sil champ, it sure looks well presented as the preperation was properly done, cant wait till ur next project ha