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  1. MODS Please close.

    Go to the dump. They weigh you in and on the way out again to determine how much rubbish you had. They give you a printed docket as well so you can actually get two weights on two different devices for free.
  2. s14a gearbox

    Go buy CADE box for $300 swap the bell housings and wha la new box half the price. And yes they are the same boxes i.e. RB20, S14/S13 SR20DE(T) and S13 CADE(T).
  3. trust t518z

    Hey Great Turbo as most will tell you. I had the 10cm and was able to get 260RWKW @ 22 PSI with HKS Stage 1's. Wound it back to 250 as the bottom end was standard. Some will say the 10cm is laggy but i never found it to be.
  4. Go buy a CA box for $350 -> $400 odd and swap your bell houring over. Done
  5. Dont have any pics but I have seen em all with housing off (CADE, DET SRDE and DET) and they are exactly the same and interchangeable with the only mod being the swap of bell houring from CA to SR.
  6. Yeah I did. Got the car running consistant 11's on stock bottom end. Buying a house now and having kids in a few years so pouring thousands into the car is off the cards for a few years at least. Certainly do not regret spending the money as I loved racing the thing but it just hurt to have to let it go for 26k. BTW it compression tested @ 170 across all four and was in A1 condition in and out. The guy who bought it got a bargain. Never thought it would be so hard to sell an S15.
  7. Just sold my S15 that I bought for 40 and spend 30+ on while I had it. Really enjoyed it and would not take it back but f*ck it hurts when you sell it and really realise all the money that you loose. Moral of the story is to love while you are doing it and never expect to see one cent of the money you have spent on mods again.
  8. Its calculating the amount of boost / power from the amount of air being sucked in the intake. If you are hitting a boost cut then you must do some form of aftermarket ECU or remap to solve the problem. Also a boost controller is not going to help you as it sounds as through you are running stock wastegate pressure. A boost controller can only allow you to run more than stock pressure not less.
  9. need to know 110%

    Yes. I have physically done the swap pver myself no worries.
  10. CA gearbox into SR

    Hey Mate photos not required. Just; 1. Take bell housing off both boxes ( Hoizontal bolts on outside of box and bolts in around the input shaft ) 2. Clean off old gasket. 3. Stick the bellhouing in a parts washer or degrease 4. Reapply gasket (with goo) 5. Bolt on Done. Its really really easy.
  11. CA gearbox into SR

    Same done it many times. Great way to save a few dollars. I have also found that the CA18DE boxes are usually in great condition.
  12. Different Catch Cans

    Hey I recently got the ASE one from the sponsors section and it is great. I mounted mine on the fan shroud. Just needed to drill a few holes.
  13. S15 - RB25DET Conversion

    Thanks the engine looks very tidy. U have PM. Need more a few more details. Really want at least 300RWKW with whatever I go for.
  14. S15 - RB25DET Conversion

    ^^^^ Bugger that kinda sucks. If I am going to do that I may as well just build the SR for 300KW+. What kinda power can reliably be put through these engines with all mentioned above without the build ??