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  1. My Impreza Type R

  2. WRX v EVO

    All depends on your budget and what you wanna achieve with the car...
  3. Xtreme clutches

    Looking for a GC8 Impreza WRX Heavy Duty....
  4. R33 Popping

    My car does the same thing due to not having any cats or resy..... 3 Inch straight pipes from the turbo till a single muffler does the trick I love the sound......

  6. PORN Material

    Ken Block's WRX all the way
  7. subituned.com.au sticker

    ill buy 20 lol be worth it
  8. 07 Liberty GT Spec.B

    that looks insane.....
  9. subituned.com.au sticker

    Time to make some fake accounts
  10. spotted for sale on gumtree

    Best add made lol
  11. subituned.com.au sticker

    i reckon, i want one nowwwwww lol......
  12. 67ry old beats up punk on bus

    very old but still so funny
  13. What wheels should i get?

    XD9's all the way http://www.golfmkv.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=35326&stc=1&d=1228114486
  14. I live in the Adelaide hills and have to take the Freeway everyday.... Firstly reducing the speed limit on the freeway to 80kmh is a joke, but it always seem to be below that with a truck broken down or road works going on, or even slowing down for nothing lol....... There are three thing that really grind my gears when driving on the freeway.... 1. When entering the freeway from stirling some stupid clowns decide to stop or go 20kmh to try and merge with traffic that is travelling 100kmh. 2. When people are going 80kmh in the fast lane 3. Tailgates, had one person who was flashing his lights at me in the fast lane (was going about 120kmh) let him pass the he started to do 80kmh in the fast lane then he slammed on the breaks for no reason. If i had a $500 car i would have ran you off the road and killed you After driving the freeway for many years i have seen some terrible driving its not the speed its the drivers and its normally the drivers that have only come up the freeway a couple of times that have no idea about the rules to follow..... Old Freeway is the Best Anyway
  15. subituned.com.au sticker

    Def would be good
  16. hi all from Russia

    def wanna see some specs.....
  17. Gay men and a baby

  18. What are you listening to right now?

    Skitz Mix 35 Album
  19. stock or modified?

    try to leave it stock if you don't wanna wast money...... or do what you really really wanna do to the car then leave it
  20. The Football Thread

    all i gotta say is its so boring with out EPL
  21. My03 rexxie

    coilovers for the win
  22. How do i get rid of my honda?

    Have you tried a car yard yet lol....
  23. 2003 350z Track

    He would have got some shitty rims if he didn't get Gram Light Pro, he made the right choice lol....