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  1. Hi, Does anyone know where I can find this part? I don't even know what to search for.

    Their website is not really user friendly. Where can I find specs? prices? reviews? ACT is widely used (im in EU)
  3. Hi all, Has anyone used ACT NS1-XTSS before? I searched but didn't find any topics, which is weird enough as I thought it was a popular choice. Im thinking of buying it, got an sr20det, around 450hp and 50kg of torque. Im basically after a street friendly clutch which can withstand abuse as well. I dont want funny noises, or too hard pedal. According to ACT this seems to be a good option. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, So i've been away for quite a long time and my car was sitting in the garage. Now im back and I need to fix it. I've noticed that the car is very noisy and unstable on the road. I need to replace all the old and busted bushings. Which bushing kit would you recommend? I think I will replace all of them. Also, how much would it normally cost to replace them? From what i've heard its not an easy job. Cheers
  5. thanks for your replies. Ive disconnected that hose and the car still starts and idles as if nothing happened Does it have to do with the fact that i have map sensor or is it irrelevant?
  6. what exactly is the purpose of that hose? Can it be removed/blocked? I see some setups with no such hose. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I have this Greddy Spec M intercooler and this rubber hose is cracked. Where can i find another one? Thanks
  8. Hi, So the story is like this. I removed my front strut bar and after a few months i decided to put it back. In my surprise, one side is ok, the other side is like 2-3cm away from the top mount position. Obviously the chassis for some reason bent towards the engine. The car had no accident or whatsoever. How do i fix that....? Thanks in advance
  9. alright, thanks for your help everyone. i will let you know once i drive it in about a month
  10. thanks for your replies everyone! what do you mean hope for the best? Is it that bad to have it immobilised for 2 years? Its not like it was there for 20...
  11. Hi guys. My car was immobilised for almost two years since i have been abroad. Now im back and i would like to use my car (S13). I have started it for a few moments but i hear some rattling noise from head and i stopped. Most probably an oil issue. Can somebody provide me a list of the things i should check/do before driving it? Battery Engine Oil Water anything else? shall i change the spark plugs as well? Thanks
  12. Wheen nuts come off...

    oops... I will replace them the soonest, thanks for your help. Whats mostly "funny" (tragic) is that this was recommended to me by a mechanic.. i guess he was bored to replace them and gave me the tool to "fix" them myself. @pmod : YES, That was the tool.
  13. Wheen nuts come off...

    I used i hand tool (dont know what is called) that it is used to create new lines inside the nut and also new "clean" lines on the stud so that they perfectly match. lol Okay i will replace the studs with longer ones thanks
  14. Hello.. I have spacers (dont remember how many mm) and after some point, after removing and resintalling the wheels for some work i done on the car, some of the nuts came off while driving. I take the wheel out and using a tool i re-bored the nuts as well as the wheel lugs. I put the wheel back on, put the nuts, go for a ride and while driving ALL nuts came off and as expected the wheel also. I was surprised because i was sure i had tightened them up pretty well and also after the re-bore they would fit perfectly. What should i do now? Should i buy new nuts? Should i buy new lugs AND nuts? Where do i go from here? car :200sx Thanks in advance.
  15. From what i know rocker arm is one of the the most common parts to break on an SR. Thats why rocker arm stopper is a must on our engine mine smashed one once it overrevved