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  1. My s14a

    Oh how i Miss my SSR rims..... nice Tyre strech man..
  2. hollowong out my cat

    Xforce ceramic Cat = Shit, cracks.. may aswell punch out
  3. S15 Spec R Prices

    S15 prices are coming down a lot but always expect to pay more for a better optioned car.
  4. Joel's 2nd s15

    Side screws came loose from hitting gutters from the recent sand down drift day. lol . didnt bother to fix. and yea the holder on the dash, anyone and everyone asks me what r they for? cuz from far it looks like its something other then holders. when got pulled over couple of months ago the coppa laughed at me for having thosee saying you are very lucky i am defecting you for those beer holder on your dash.
  5. Joel's 2nd s15

    Some recent photoshot
  6. Joel's 2nd s15

    Thanks.. unfortunately its for sale at the moment...
  7. Almost brand new s15

    35k is a bit but then again. its completely new. Even nissan would be able to sell it for 30+ in my openion. They used be 44k brand new for specs. 48k for spec R and 50k for GT specs from nissan back in 2002 when i got my 1st s15. Meterialistic people WILL pay that much allthough it sounds over priced.
  8. My JDM Spec R S15 Silvia.

    Everything you said is fine but you also need cams cuz ur stock cams wont support and definately not 15psi. atleast 17 or more. injector duty mostlikely will be 85+ for sure but still safe & good for street or track. so to sum up its like below. 2871r + cams + 555cc inj + 17psi+ = 220-230rwkw
  9. My JDM Spec R S15 Silvia.

    HKS GT-RS + Poncams & proper Gasket will see you at the 235-240kw with full booth hitting 3.7k rev, Or alternatively 2871r .52T with Poncams.

    Some more of mine This one - shutte 1/7, F-5, iso - 600 if i can remember correctly - had to take 3 - 4 shots to get nicely in focus like this.. that means 5minutes + driving next to a unknown person. The guy inside was very confused as he didnt understand why was i taking a photo?

    some of my contribution.. I am very new to this.. only 3 weeks going this... with a nikon D60 18-55 lens..but cc welcome..
  12. Joel's 2nd s15

    What size? what you mean? Large/medium/small? Its fairly big but doesnt stand outside of the rear quater panel lining.
  13. Joel's 2nd s15

    Yep chaddy.
  14. Joel's 2nd s15

    lol.. thanks
  15. Joel's 2nd s15

    18s rear 17 front