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  1. s13 ca18det problems

    hey i had a similar problem, the car would go no where , and just a short drive to the shops the turbo would be glowing, the problem is etheir your cam angle sensor is knackered or the key on the front of the exhaust side cam is f**ked, it retards the spark and pretty much the car goes no where and the turbo works overtime and tries its best but the engine has no grunt. both the cam angle sensor was gone as well as the key on the cam, cost me about 100 bucks i think to replace. hope my experiance helps.
  2. hey peeps, changed my gearbox oil in my ca silvia on sunday and yeah pretty much found bits and pieces of bearings and anyway i can find another one for 200 bucks,, me and the old man really cbf rebuilding the shagged one so is it worth it?? good stuff *thumbs up
  3. quick question with the gtr rims, if i put gtr wheels on my s13 with 20mm spacers will the rims fit without and guard work? so then the will be 16x8+10 is that right? all i want to know is yay or nay, not a long answer lol ta
  4. who do you know thats famous?

    i met the bloke that if i had a choice i would of met,, in 2006 when i was 13(only 17 atm),i met 7 times world champion Michael schumacher my dad rang me up one day and goes get out of bed michael schumacher is at my family friends winery in tasmania! so whatever i got up grabed my karting history book and headed over to the winery, went up to him introduced myself and had a chat(hes pretty damm short), talked about ferrari what he was down down here etc and he signed my book and got a photo, he was intrested in what sort of kart i had, talked about engines and yeah he had a bit of trouble though trying to spell/pronounce my name(which is jay)! turns out he wanted something to do in the lead up to the 2006 agp so he flew to tas, got in a chopper and came down to huonville and had some food and f**ked off,, in my opinion i pretty much win, not bad when you wake up and wonder what am i going to do today?! meet michael schumacher.
  5. yep 99% of the time that will be your problem
  6. yeah i had the same problem, if had me screwed for a few minutes also, under the two sides of the spolier there are two or three clips each side and with all due caution you need to pull up f**king hard to budge the spoiler, i may of used a screw drive with rag on the end of the flat head screw driver to help persaude it to move. I also thought there was more screws but yeah. then your left with two or three female clips left in your spolier each side, bit of racing tape and bobs your uncle and fannys your aunt good luck
  7. Need more POWERRRRRR.

    hey guys the certainaly will be following your advice one more question the t28 bb turbo is that a straight"bolt on replacement " for the standard t25? also if i got a t25g would this be another viable option? thanks guys
  8. Need more POWERRRRRR.

    haha thanks for the quick reply! sounds simple lol all up how much money are we talking here? just roughly lol also should i get rid of the mines ecu? thanks
  9. hey guys i currently have an s13 with a ca18det with the following small mods, mines ecu(i know its not the greatest) makes 9 pound boost, no controller fitted, engine has new rings and bearings, fully reco shaved head, HKS metal head gasket and reco turbo, 3 inch exhaust from the cat back and yeah thats it now i drove my brother s14 series 2 last night and pretty much im in love with the power, he reckons its making about 180rwkw. so without being a jackass what would be your guys opinion to make about 180rwkw still keeping the ca18det?if i could get that much grunt i would be more than happy! i would love to hear your guys thoughts and please dont say get a sr hahah cheers JB
  10. hey guys i have a similar problem, i have an s13 k series ca18det, the aircon pump is shagged makes heaps haggered noises and it will only blow hot air and sometimes only one of the different face/feet demist setting will click in. my question is does my silvia have digital climate control and also is the reason it only blows hot air is because the aircon pump is shagged? thanks for your help
  11. S13 heater problem :(

    thanks for your prompt replies, i shall have a play with it when i get the car back from the bodyworks, ahh its manual just like a normal heater in a car, ahh yeah i can certainlly hear the flaps open and close when i fiddle with it. thanks
  12. hey guys, quick question lol i have had my s13 for a few weeks now and the heater is really shitting me off, what is does it is it only blows hot air! i cannot get cold air to pump through it and its like a f**king suana like hot as lol also sometimes the different heating buttons wont like click and stay in? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  13. ECU homie bros.

    yeah well i will try and hit the limiter this arvo, yeah i dont know for sure ifs its 8200 but once i hit 7500 i will back off. i will report back. thanks mate.
  14. ECU homie bros.

    yeah hope so because i have heard around the traps that it may of been raised to like 8200 and damm thats reving lol ohh well it will sound good
  15. ECU homie bros.

    yeah thanks for your help, the car already has the ecu in it so yeah, runs 9 pounds boost stock . so im not planning on modding that side of the car yet just fmic,pod filter, zorst atm should keep me happy. so if i was to wind up the boost from 9psi to 12 or 13 what do i need to do that? Also do you know what the rev limiter would be now then? thanks