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  1. Local PARTS for sale

    these are the wheels of the v8 s13... greg would be spewing!!
  2. hey guys.. just seeing if anyone has room to tow a little beetle to canberra from boronia... please let me know if your coming to matsuri and we can talk payment, ie cash or wheels and tyres for skids!! PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks
  3. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 195000 Price : $7,000 Condition : Good SOLD
  4. gearbox help

    did you put your shift in the right way??
  5. i dont have a fax??? should i post the form??lol post... i'll send an email
  6. WTB R32 coilovers, Set

  7. WTB R32 coilovers, Set

    hey guys, just after a set of coilovers height adjustable, prefer low cost thanks

    WTB R32 Coilovers... adjust height... FULL set PM ME
  9. Yeah man OK so where can i get some tyre on the cheap/free?
  10. NEED R32 GTR rims borrow

    no longer needed!!