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  1. Spring Matsuri

    does Saito, Kumakubo, and Suenaga count? Koguchi, Kazama, the list goes on...
  2. Spring Matsuri

    knuckles u'll be pushing it for weight i took about 20kgs worth of parts last time, just shoved it all in my checked luggage and squeezed clothes n shit in too. take helmets as carry-on, or liek has been said just buy em there cheap.
  3. Spring Matsuri

    The rest of the tracks are open while G1 is on, just the regular daily fee to get on them. G1 is worth doing anyway man, way more fun drivin with other people!
  4. Spring Matsuri

    Shower curtain rear window lol
  5. Spring Matsuri

  6. Chucked together a bunch of clips from our trip to ebisu to make this vid. Thanks to Joshy for his portion of the footage! Big cheers to the usuals, K-Tours Osaka, Powervehicles, and all the staff at Ebisu Circuit! Music: Skrillex - Rock n Roll SubFocus - Could This Be Real
  7. for those struggling with vimeo, ive chucked it up on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ra-Kmu_5wg
  8. amen pickles! most fun ive ever had there!
  9. Haha yep that's suenaga & kumakubo... And me trying to keep up hahaha
  10. NS.com tow cars (and trailer hire)

    Anyone have a car trailer they would be willing to lend out over the new years break? 28th-2nd. I have a tow car. will pay ofcourse. Just dont wanna fork out the servo premium for 5 days!
  11. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    Quick clip of me on the touge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HO4TV63_oU
  12. Anyone after a costco jack?

    anyone getting another bunch of these soon?
  13. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    sick runs on nth course there stewy... love that long low angle bake up the hill hahaha
  14. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    so fukn awesome. getting withdrawals already haha
  15. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    sweet! nice wheelwork too man.
  16. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Benny's guitar solo was awesome.
  17. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    pickles, cece, and I thrashing with Suenaga and Kumakubo. A whole bunch of other aussies in there too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akoA1LU2IOc
  18. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    yyyyyyyyup. more uploads to come of that too hahaha
  19. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    hahaha awesome, loving the minami clips with our black missiles
  20. so spewing i cant drive at this!! I'll try get out there for to watch.
  21. G1 GP Round 3, Ebisu's Nishi Short Course

    29 out of 36 are Aussies. Holy shitballs.
  22. Kenneth Moens New Video

    holy f**k. no words.
  23. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    Aussie - Black wreck smiley-face r32 - SA
  24. Ebisu Japan, What Car did you skid there?

    Rain helps the tyre wear also broken cars hahaha