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  1. Fuel system for E85 advice

    I've fitted a Walbro E85 lift pump > Holley surge tank > Twin Inline Holley pumps (Ecu controls the 2nd pump) > Full braided lines to a Holley pressure reg/Twin inlet and 1x center outlet rail and 6x 1400cc injectors. Have a Holley inline fuel filter in the boot as well that is able to be serviced. That's hopefully 500ish rwkw's of headroom
  2. Adelaide Dyno Tuners

    Hey mate, Decs has always been great at G7, i'd head there if they can fit your car in. Anthony is at Glynde garage now if you still want him to run your car on the dyno though? Further South is Graham West workshop as well who are a good bunch.
  3. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    Thanks for doing a thread on this mate, such an amazing yet exclusive car. Is this still being built/finished/racing at all?? I missed 2017 WTAC but made it to 2018, can't say i remember seeing it though.
  4. Sa active members role call

    ^ Spot on mate Doing a little trip down memory lane on here at the moment, and they really where the best of times.
  5. Slowly and surely, this car is becoming more complete haha

    They melt in your mouth, Morty!!
  7. Sooo is anyone getting this? Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated, looked fun in the trailers however the physics and swinging camera crap appear to be pretty terrible.
  8. No Need For Speed thread?

    Figured as much shadow, really did not like the look of the game at all other than modifying the cars, however GT has also been a disappointment for years now. Did not know that Goliath, would lead to many a rage quit for races, also heard there's no manual transmission option "yet"
  9. VCT problems

    Was it knocking on idle and low revs before it stopped? Has a tuner told you it's not working? Is the gear as far as you know the original? Have ya removed and cleaned the solenoid?
  10. Ouch don't have facebook but appreciate the info thanks mate.

    Fk.. yessss Following for years, so happy for you and all of Adelaide really Keep us posted!!
  12. Bummppp Was excited to see its being kept, however that was a while ago. Any progress?
  13. s13 oil pressure problem

    A 25 year old CA R/PS13 with anything less than 200,000 ks on it is laughable mate. Odometer was wound back when imported/before the auctions, and probably again at some stage in Australia if it's that low. Need to get the car looked at by a mechanic to sort the issue properly before too much damage is done
  14. RB25 S14 Daily

    Posted for updates! Cars fits!
  15. Jacko's Neo S15

    Keen to see more, am halfway through the same conversion myself. Cheers, Brent
  16. Guide to a SR20VE conversion

    Agreed, Thankyou very much Thread will evolve and ooze input and information very nicely.
  17. As Gaz mentioned you're best of getting a new uncut one and modifying it properly or else you will need to revert back to a side mount. I removed mine and instead of having a jagged or deep stepped cut looking all obvious I trimmed it back keeping with the stock shape/lines then filed the edges. Then to hide it more I primed and gloss blacked the entire reo and then capped all edges with that vacuum hose that has already been split to round edge everything. Looks mint and no one would know any better, also looks like I take to much pride in the car haha
  18. 2006 Mazda 3 MPS -SOLD DELETE TREAD

    Those number plates are very misleading! Nice example of a brilliant car btw
  19. Top mount vs low mount.

    There's a lot of money involved in going top mount so I would strongly advise it only if you turbo choice can't physically fit low mount on the standard manifold.
  20. Also just bought a set of Xspurt 1400's from Scotty as he had access to the new aluminum bodied range (also got my 460lph Walbro from him) and the service was fantastic!! From making it a drop in affair with the right pig tails and length to the super fast delivery.
  21. parts in adelaide

    Anything Jap you can order direct through JesseStreeter.com and he'll deliver it, ex Adelaide boy who's lived in Japan many years now and has a whole network at his disposal new or 2nd hand. Anything else Import Spares all the way.
  22. interior advice

    S15 seats are a straight fit up front and small modifications to fit in the rear if it helps in any way
  23. Student shot

    This came up on TeamS15's fb a few days ago and no one on there knew him. Not sure about other car clubs.
  24. interior advice

    Nisswreck are the absolute biggest rip off ever for anything Nissan wrecking. I only know of Wiltshire motor trimmers however you really should just Google this and you'll have a list of 10+ to ring.