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  1. Short(er) car stands

    Because my existing stands were already tall, and i also put thick blocks of wood on top of the stands to spread out the load, so i had to jack the car ridiculously high and it was annoying Anyway i found shorter ones
  2. Hey Anyone know of any stands that are a bit shorter than normal? Pretty much every stand ive seen has been around 280-300mm minimum height Anyone know of any that are like 200-240mm minimum?
  3. It's a tune/AFM/tps limitation imo Ive got a wideband and if you put your foot to the floor at low rpm your afr's go 10:1 and timing drops because the ECU expects you to be in boost when your throttle is in that position 100% throttle puts you in the rich open loop area of the timing map even at low rpms The better thing to do is just get the revs up before you move rather than taking off at 800rpm and putting your foot to the floor and filling your engine with fuel
  4. Do they attempt to go down when you press the button? every couple of years one of mine doesn't go down and i have to put wd40 on one of the rods
  5. S13 sr20det problems!

    Did you check your voltage at the fuel pump? It's not getting like 8v's or something is it?
  6. S13 sr20det problems!

    Do you have that gauge connected to your fuel return line? If so that's why it reads low, its not under pressure
  7. rather forge the engine
  8. Don't think the rb20 method works as well on the sr Anyway i checked my cam timing as a last resort and that looked normal, no choice now but to rebuild
  9. Yeah i know, was still holding onto hope that there's something causing globally low compression because it seems weird that all the cylinders wore down so evenly but its probably wishful thinking and its just tired af
  10. Leakdown tested Cylinder 1 and 4 were around 50-55% Cylinder 2 and 3 were around 55-60% I tested a bunch of times and keep getting the same numbers, is it weird my engine wore through so evenly? Looks like im gonna need to replace/rebuild
  11. S13 sr20det problems!

    Hopefully you don't have something internally wrong with the engine like a blown head gasket, s13 sr20det's are 20 years old at the newest now and getting more and more brittle imo It's really hard to tell what might be wrong if you don't have a boost gauge or a wideband and haven't boost leak/compression tested anything
  12. I know my rings suck and its a tired engine, but it should make at least some power i feel Anyway ordered a leak down tester off ebay, will try to update this week
  13. Should i just pull the head then
  14. Not lean, is 14.5 on cruise and into the 10's on boost They're all basically like this
  15. As per title The 180sx has been running like shit for maybe 2+ years now wanna brainstorm a little to see what the problem might be Used to run like a champ, was incredible on fuel economy and used to light up the tires in 1st/2nd/3rd on boost and could barely keep it straight Now on boost it makes practically no power, boost still comes on quick and holds but no power Triple checked for boost leaks and ignition timing is fine, injectors cleaned and flow tested, fuel pump replaced, fuel pump hardwired Have wideband and runs rich on boost and cruise Comp test is around 120-110-110-110, oil down spark plug holes i get 140-150ish The spark plug tips are always coming out white when they used to come out brown, car has also blown around 3 radiators, is this coolant getting into combustion chamber and onto spark plugs? blown head gasket? Can blown head gasket cause boost to leak out between the head and block? Also can it cause boost to leak into the cooling system pressurising the radiator? Feels like the boost is leaking somewhere after the throttle body because gauge reads fine but translates into no actual power Have had the car around 5-6 years this is the first issue i cant fix