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  1. Greddy - Spec LS ON SALE!

    How had can they be? Lol pretty fking bad. If you can't cut and shut re weld pipes etc you could be stuck with a horrible fitting kit.
  2. Greddy - Spec LS ON SALE!

    It will be better then any other generic cooler becaus of its racing pedigree....
  3. a thread on what hose to use for a catch can that will prob do f**k all anyway love ns
  4. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

    just make an alloy floor with some rubber around the tank sealing it if the smoke does become too much
  5. generic topic title

    manifold looks alright man well done, id also have the turbo lower but looks like youve got the engine sitting low enough, but manifold in any other car would hit on bonnet. learning to ac tig isnt hard just need time and setup welder well.
  6. generic topic title

    intake wont get wonky if its all marked clearly and numbered, its how i did all mine. I dont even test fit once its all marked. and my 4inch intake had more sections then ive seen anyone else do.
  7. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    Better be pretty epic then
  8. Don't u have ur heart set on the 6 speed though?
  9. OS valves worth fitting?

    id go all out if you can afford it, split the head and go for broke, i would. but then again if youre asking, u prob dont have the cash sitting there.
  10. i wonder if they blew the welds on the intake
  11. 180sx intercooler pipe popped off.

    roll a bead or weld on the ends so it cannot come off.
  12. 6 speed issue

    youre looking for more power shortly correct? i would do the clutch now if you can, while you have it all apart. just comes down to how much spare cash you have and how much power you want.
  13. Safe tune for SR20DET with s15 J-Spec injectors?

    where are you located? people can suggest good places to take your car