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  1. bahahahhahahaha ok but seriously what do i go with ebay? if so can you link me,
  2. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Billet-Solid-Engine-Mounts-for-S13-S14-S15-Silvia-180SX-200SX-/290952242604?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43be1ae5ac could i replace it with this?? iv never done engine mounts so im not sure whats worn out is this better then ordering stock ones through bursons??
  3. ok so i have replaced the oil filter and it became pretty obvious at that point the engine mounts where gone, had to jack the motor just to get the new one on, and sits in exactly the same place... sigh ideas for cheapest engine mounts, and what are the ones in the above pic frustrated member??
  4. i now know what d shackle is ill see how i go tomoro cheers again
  5. i have a clunking noise too and im pretty sure there all tight i used a breaker bar, iv now got new control arm bushes to go in so that will eliminate that, ill double check all bolts when i pull control arms out and fit new bushes. im not sure what you mean by d shackle late reply as i was out getting control arm bushes also a quick question while iv got people here, whats the cheapest place to get ca18 engine mounts new, THANKS FOR THE HELP
  6. I still have this problem after putting new caster nolathain bushes in. Wtf found my own thread googling again for answers.
  7. Iv been told to get a different filter and see where it goes. Iv got pics. How do I upload off phone? The problem also is I want to run a sandwich plate for gauges. I can't see how it will work. Do people relocate the filter on ca's to run gauges.
  8. Hey iv got a ca18det 180. I changed the oil and oil filter not long ago. The other day I lost all my old the engine mount has cut a hole in the bottom. Iv got a pic but don't know how to upload on my phone. I'm not even running the sandwich plate. What the f**ks going on. Do I need a relocation kit.Is it the wrong engine mount. I'm lost. Oil* not old
  9. Id love to upload a pic of my engine bay. Quite a few unplugged sensors n wires that look like they should be somewhere. Hmmm a year ago these forums got as much traffic as grey st stkilda I feel like I'm in here alone.
  10. If your only after 200, can't you put the afm on the cold pipe where the throttle body joins? Iv read they can handle 40+kw before maxing out. And shouldn't f**k anything up if your getting it tuned. But don't take my word for it. I'm still waiting for answers bout same kinda thing
  11. Do I need anything else for the td06 bling?? Iv got fuel pump too. Boost is back down. But f**kwits at chasers set it to 11psi from the actuator. So ebc is kinda useless for anything besides boost cut. Even cuts out on 11psi at times on cold nights. Gonna attempt to put actuator back to stock tomoro. No idea what way to wind it tho. Sorry dude. I'd like over 250kw. I'd love 300 but I know that's not gonna happen till I throw heap more cash into it. Iv driven Sr 180s with 250kw plus and an r33 with 290kw I liked the spastic power in 4th closer to 300. If I would need heaps more for the td06 I'd be happy going down to the 05. I like topend more then response tho
  12. I can't afford everything. I need to spend little more to get it regoed them spend a little more to get the stupid stock gear off. Then I could get turbo and tune... Well maybe if I only needed the above parts. But couldn't get the rims I wanted the knuckles the rest of the suspension gear. So I'm gonna sleep on it. LOL I wouldnt get gauges over turbo I'm not retarded lol and that makes nistune really worth it to me now. As 800 everytime its on the dyno would most likely look the same way to a lot of others... Sorry for the lack of spaces, paragraphs, punctuation, and everything else. Drinks are finally working.
  13. TD06 20g its linked in above comments..... I think.... I was only going to put the 28 and chip in while saving more. Do you kno how annoying ca boost cut is?
  14. Can I ask why not to get that turbo? I'm aiming for a lot more then 200. Bling are SaaS gauges worth what they go for. ?