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  1. Hey guys Just wanting to know, how much do you pay for your insurance (those with S13's). The only place that I can find that lists S13's was Just Car Insurance. For comprehensive insurance where the driver is 46 and pays $1100 excess was $716 without any modifications listed. Are there any other places that offer import insurance? Also, I'm not even sure if I get covered putting it under my dads name (although with AAMI, I am covered if I say that I drive the car less than 5? hours per week). So in the end is it worth getting comprehensive or just 3rd party? Cheers Blake
  2. Have a brand new genuine Nissan SR20 water pump to suit S14 / S15 (may suit S13 I'm not 100%) Paid $120 from Taarks - yours for $70. I no longer own a Silvia so have no need for it! JVC DRVN 800w Amplifier and Pioneer subwoofer in box - over $300 at Supercheap take it for $100b Located in Crows Nest. Will post for water pump for $10 extra, no post on audio gear
  3. Hey guys, I'm after a few parts for S14a. Interior Panels (cd surround, climate control surround and manual shifter surround, plus may be interested in others) Also after a original rubber / plastic luxury spec lip I'm located in Sydney, show me what you have! Cheers Blake
  4. I was only thinking this the other day - I'm back too after a 5 year or so break lol. Good to see some familiar names still kicking around
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBe0VCso0qs Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the owner of my new love affair. In south-west NSW, she was born and raised, under the bonnet is where I spent most of my days. Chillin out, fixing or modding or skidding or just getting out and driving that thing, When a couple of cops who were up to no good, Started defecting in my neighbourhood. Then her motor blew up and I was strapped for cash and said "f**k it, I want a track car in a flash". I put her up for sale and within a few days I was packing her up and sending her on her way. I gave her a kiss, handed over the keys and thought at least someone else will have a tough car for their P's. Bought a 32 but then yo this is bad! Hasn't got half the shit he said it had in the ad. Fake receipts for the engine in the car that i bought Hmmmmm, might take him to court! I went to some lawyers but when it came near I realised the cost and it could take over a year. If anything was broken to fix might be dear, So I thought nah forget it, S13 time it's clear! Found a keen swapper from another state and I yelled to the Skyline "Yo holes, smell ya later" Looked at the S13, I was finally there, Bought it home and now it's my new love affair. Back in the game http://vimeo.com/27826321"]http://vimeo.com/27826321 After what seems to have been a write off year for me in the modified car scene, I've got myself a new Silvia! Stupidly sold my S13 at the start of the year, only to foolishly buy an R32 without properly inspecting it and just taking his word for granted. Since then I've been slowly building an R31 for track use, got all the parts and most way through the build when I put the R32 up for sale. Now since I've got the S13 I've stopped the 31 build and looks like I'll be back in the scene Met up with Mackie off the forums on the weekend and swapped cars with him. After both driving 450km we checked out the cars. First thing I noticed was how clean it was for the most part inside and out. The bonnet and front bumper need a spray and the LHS guard needs replacing but apart from that the paint and body is in awesome condition. Interior is in mint condition, one of the cleanest factory interiors I've seen in an S13! The car has an RB20DET conversion and the motor started p fine no dramas, idled a bit high but fixed that now. Engine sounded nice and smooth so took it for a test drive. Only on stock boost so it's not overly fast, but the motor is really smooth, has no dramas revving out and seems to be in good condition. Mackie seems confident that he can fix the problems with the R32 so best of luck to him. Anyway, onto the deets. It's a pretty standard car but I'm happy with the condition of it, plus RB20DET is a bonus: UPDATED 21st Sept 2011 Car: 1991 Nissan S13 Silvia Q's Engine: RB20DET Conversion RB20DET Gearbox 5 Speed Manual R33 Turbo Turnflow Front Mount Intercooler Heavy Duty Clutch Full exhaust with: - 3" Dump and front pipe - Deleted Cat - 2.75" Straight pipe into Canon (Canon is only muffler) Suspension and Brakes: R32 M Spec Front Brakes (Identical to S15 but Alloy) R32 M Spec Rear Brakes (Twin Pot) (Not Installed) S15 5 Stud Hubs Engineered to Slide Extra Lock Knuckles Tein Rear Coilovers King Spring Lows in front (soon to be coilovers) Exterior: Navy Blue Metallic Paint Spoiler Removed Clear front Indicators Interior: Mint condition Interior No dash cracks Recaro SR3 Passenger Seat R33 Drivers Seat S15 Interior Conversion Issues I have to fix at the moment: Front Panels Power Steering very heavy FIXED Wire up Thermos Wire up speedo and tacho Plans for the car are still up in the air for the moment. I'll get a replacement fender for the passenger side and bonnet or get it sprayed but probably leave the front bar as it will most likely get replaced. For the time the car will be my track car because I don't get my fulls until May next year. Between now and then I plan on doing an RB25DET swap into this and engineer and register the car for my fulls. Some pics of the beast. haven't had a chance to take proper ones yet but I will soon Loving life. RB20 Sounds amazing btw
  6. For some reason I didn't get this thread notification... FML we were in Melbourne today. If it's still sitting around and your heading to Winton in December I'll happily grab that then! God damn - should have read this before I handed my cash over to your today haha Headed down to Melbourne today to grab some parts. 1000km and 14 hours later we are back. Picked up some 15 x 9 +0 steelies for the fronts and have 2 spares. May put them on the rear, but I think they will be too wide and heavy to spin very well with this setup. Headed over to Holford Motors and picked up a S13 CAMS cage - luckily I put it aside yesterday as it was the last one they had made up and said they aren't planning on making any more after they get rid of these materials due to lack of profit in them. $600 for the cage seemed like a pretty good deal to me. Also got a fully sick doriftu button so now the car does automatic skids. Then grabbed some Tein coilovers for the front from Colin (for more than $120 ). Should do the trick! Thanks for driving around to find us! Everything seems to be coming together. We'll start working on Monday on putting this stuff together. First up is rack spacers, brakes machined and put back together, then start stripping the interior to fit the cage! I've also had a change of heart about the stickerbomb sheet - shouldn't have done that haha. Think I'll just get some black vinyl wrap and do the bonnet + guard Will chuck some pics up in the next couple of days
  7. So... I'm a sucker for this shit.... I ended up selling this car to a bloke in QLD over 12 months ago. He paid me for the car, was "coming to collect it" time and time again and never came to pick the car up. Time went on, so I said I would buy the car off him so put a deposit on it. Then decided that I didn't want it back as I had too many other things going on so sold it back to him. He then still didn't come pick the car up, months went on and he then told me he was going to jail and had to sell the car quickly. After a couple of people who were "coming to check the car out" never turned up (as I found is common in the JDM car selling scene) I ended up buying the car back off him... for $1200! It's been a weird year with this car, having someone elses money, but still having the car too. I've hardly even looked at it thinking it's not mine but this time I think it will finally make its dorifto debut. I ended up going halves with a mate in the car so that we can split the costs of mods, and just enter the car in 2 different classes at events. So we are aiming to have the car driving at the VicDrift event in just over 2 weeks - lots to do before then! We won't have a cage so will be restricted to D class at Winton, but we should be able to get all the basics sorted before then. Here's what is to do in the next couple of weeks: Check for any leaks in engine and change fluids Install and bleed brake pads Machine rotors Fit Exhaust Check / change diff oil (checking for any weld slag) Fit GKtech Bolt On Steering Rack Spacers Modify drivers side R33 rail to suit S13 Set boost level Plumb pipe for pod Find some front wheels that don't scrub like a mofo Wire up gauges properly IF ANYONE HAS THESE PARTS THEY CAN SELL TO ME PLEASE PM ME! S13 or S14 front coilovers (URGENT!) Pins, clips and retainers for R32 / S14 / S15 brakes (although we may fab something up to suit) Hydro Hand Brake with lines (not urgent though) Strut braces (again not urgent)
  8. S13 Front Coilovers - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Used I'm after a front set of S13 coilovers for a drift hack, don't have to be in perfect condition as long as they work!
  9. Price : $600 Condition : Used Hey Guys, I'm putting up a EOI for the sale of my JVC double din head unit. The head unit is a JVCKW-AVX836NAV and retails for over $1000. The head unit has standard features like USB playback, iPod control, CD playing, DVD playing, AV in, FM tuner etc. This model has also been upgraded with the bluetooth module and a microphone, plus the external GPS unit on top of the setup. More information can be seen on the unit at www.soundmaster.com.au/JVC-KWAVX836NAV-DVD-CD-Nav-Bluetooth-Dual-USB-iPod-with-7inch-Touch--Screen-Monitor/KWAVX836NAV/ The head unit is in perfect condition - haven't had a problem with it. Only selling because I have a lot of audio gear from my previous car that I will be swapping in, and I don't use all of the features of the head unit. Head unit is still installed in the car but will happily pull out if someone is interested in buying it. I'm asking for $550 ono for the head unit, microphone, bluetooth add on and GPS module - the whole kit! Will ship anywhere in Aus for $10 If anyone wants any more information feel free to ask here or PM me!
  10. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    Woah, what a baddass Stag! Gotta be one of the finest examples Ive seen This thread may have just turned me from buying a Legnum to a Stagea!
  11. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  12. This colour... actually this Galant in general. Yes please!
  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    I'm not particularly scared of heights, but f**k this
  14. Condiments

    So Yo_Mang is bumping this *I love my mum* once again. The Crowleys Hot Sauce I mentioned on the last page has teamed up with the Thirsty Crow Brewery here in Wagga to make an awesome hot pizza. Love their ad Also, found this dressing which is made in Albury and god dayum it's good Ended up finishing one bottle, went and bought a litre bottle haha
  15. Offical Go-Pro Thread

    Friend of mine went to Harvey Norman and got told to buy a Silver because it's "pretty much the same thing as a Black"... (conviniently they had no Black's in stock) Yeh pretty much, except that the Silvers use a Hero2 Sensor rather than a new one and are missing 720p120, 1080p60, 2k, 4k and a remote!
  16. Offical Go-Pro Thread

    Depends what you wanna capture. First up go to settings then go more and change the setting from NTSC to PAL (we use PAL in Australia). Now between 1080 and 72. 1080 gives you better resolution as well as lets you choose wide, medium or narrow for the view. 720 is less resolution and only lets you use wide. Good thing about 720 though is that you can record in 50 or 60fps and get true slow motion by slowing it down to 25. Most of the time I stick to recording 1080p25 and then go to 720p50 for footage I will use for slow motion Yeh I've seen that a heap of Hero3's wouldn;t turn on out of the box! Pretty slack by GoPro, hope it was easy to swap for a newie
  17. what is your latest purchase?

    Pre-order for a Canon 6D! So keen to get it, all of the 5D Mark III video features for $1500 cheaper! And seeing as my 5D Mark II has gone to the grave it's time to upgrade.
  18. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    What may possibly be the worlds best interview
  19. Offical Go-Pro Thread

    RC copters arent actually as expensive as what I expected - $250 can get a basic DJI Quad Copter kit, from there its just a radio and a mount for the gopro (although those two would probably add up to be another $300 - $400 and upward depending on what gear you got). It's definitely something I may consider in the future buying! That kite stuff looks pretty sweet! How is it mounted? I would have thought the GoPro would have weighed a kite down a shitload
  20. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Speaking of reposts ^^ If anyone hasn't seen the new MCM video check it out. Ipad would be a way cheaper / easier option than a Car PC http://youtu.be/u-ALYArl5S4 And for the lulz http://youtu.be/7q6Jwxm2BpU
  21. Haven't read the whole thread yet, but I'm all for legalisation. Me and Mary get along quite well, but it just makes sense to legalise the stuff. The recent results over in the states seem to appear that people are finally starting to see that the whole war on drugs is an epic failure and waste of recourse and money when people are being criminalised for sparking up in their time off after a long week of work. Firstly, fighting MJ (and drugs in general for that matter) is always going to be a lost cause and goes along a common principle: As long as there is a demand for a product then there will always be a supply. Now I'm not trying to say that all drugs should be legalised, but certainly MJ should. There are so many benefits, the money gained rather than lost on police time and the lack of taxation money, safety of people wanting to buy, reduction of the black market, health benefits (although yes, there is also downsides), regulation of age, rest of the plant being a super useful commodity and increased sales for Cheeto's / fast food. I'm going to go with the typical "weed is better for you than alcohol" argument too. I've got pissed, had a fight with my best mate which ended in broken shit and smashed windows. Seen crashes with drunk drivers, so many bar fights, and just generally aggressive people when they drink. The worst I've seen anyone who'd smoke is a mate having a huge vomit from smoking after he was already really drunk. Other than that, sometimes I get a bit depressed when I smoke and see the fridge is empty. I've never heard of high sexual or violent assault. The main thing that I think the government has wrong, and what I believe is more important than legalisation is drug education. There is way too much propaganda and huge anti-drug campaigns which in the end pretty much say "drugs are bad so don't do them". Great, that works for people who won't, but there is a huge amount of people that this is not going to affect in the slightest. I believe that education on all kinds of drugs should be emphasised more and not have a bias toward being pro or anti drug - cold hard facts. Going through School and Uni there is probably going to be a time in anyones experience where they are offered drugs or are around or plan on it - it's simply an experimental time of life, surrounded by similar people and all wanting to have a good time, it's boud to happen some time or another. I know it happened to me, and it was only because I had researched things before that I had an education on it. At school we learnt to 'just say no" to drugs and that steroids shrink your balls, thats it. I find drugs a really interesting and fascinating topic and have actually read a fair bit in my time. Not that I really delve in to anything too crazy, but I find the topic itself, real information rather than bias propaganda, peoples stories, how these different drugs work etc etc really interesting. Am I crazy? If people want to take drugs they are going to do it, no point in telling them it's bad, they won't listen. Education and harm reduction is in my opinion what is needed. Sites like PillReports IMO are fantastic, and I would encourage anyone who wants to do pills at least look up what they have bought, but preferably get a test kit. The site EcstasyData runs out of the US which offers Pill Testing for pills sent to them in the mail which can be done anonymously. Theres also companies such as DanceSafe in the US and Enlighten Harm Reduction in Melbourne offer pill testing at raves / nightclubs. People are going to do drugs at these places one way or another, but I think that these places are a step in the right direction so that people at least know what is in what they are taking, and reduce harm that way. Now I know this is a bit off the topic of MJ legalisation, but stresses the point that trying to push that "all drugs are bad" etc etc should be replaced with these kinds of education and hard reduction rather than fighting for a lost cause. I think Australia will see "Every police car is a mobile RDT/RBT" first before it ever see legalisation anyway (and fair enough). What does everyone think that the rules for high driving would be? Would it be like alcohol where you could have a couple of social puffs and still be ok to drive or would it be a full on 0?