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  1. Recommend me a hatch?

    No one has mentioned a ZZE corolla sportivo? Seems to fit the criteria perfectly Xr5t or sportivo for me

    "The intercooler is still there to feed the engine with fresh, clean air" Retards.. poor sucker that got scammed into buying a tt supra off Ed lees and then removing the turbo

  4. Epic car fail thread

    Poor s13 i found.. http://carsales.mobi/cars/details/1994-nissan-silvia-s13/SSE-AD-2350688
  5. classifieds on the pc and mobile versions dont seem to sync? My car was put on the classifieds using my pc about 4 days ago, and i still can't see my car on the mobile version! Even when I use search filters I can't find it (it's a BMW and there are only another 2 for sale in the classifieds!)
  6. 2001 Bmw 330ci E46 - $1

    Make : BMW 330Ci Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 193500 Price : $1 Condition : Used sold
  7. Ae102r corolla Mods

    what sort of 'mods' are you talking about? did you walk into a shop asking if they mod corollas? lol
  8. Swap meet #1

    I've got a spare redtop Sr, still deciding whether to part or not.. interested? Sure I'm interested. What's in/on it, what's busted and how much are you chasing? Technically the only thing I absolutely must have is an uncracked crank, but a running short-block (oil pan isn't needed) would be fantastic. PM me what you're thinking of doing pm sent mate!
  9. Swap meet #1

    I've got a spare redtop Sr, still deciding whether to part or not.. interested?
  10. assuming you're talking about an afm..
  11. any warrantee or return? was it from a wreck/half cut or just sitting on a shelf?
  12. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  13. Exhaust opinions

    justjap kirrawee should be able to help you out, not sure if they can get 2.5" though