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  1. R32 Tien Coilovers - $650

    Price : $650 Condition : Used Hi up for sale are my Tien type HE drift coilovers to suit r32, reason for sale sold car before i put them in, contact on 0430811086 s.m.s only as i work odd hours.
  2. closed

    Do you still have the Vertex rear bar for a 180? where are you located?
  3. Yeah, told you Auto Logistics are the cheapest buddy. Did you talk to Craig? I assume that was quoted door to door? I'm getting a car from Canberra to Forster, NSW for $540 door to door. No one can beat that price. By the way, whoever posted CEVA is the cheapest is wrong; at least door to door, they're not. i posted it, there cheaper then general frieghters from metro to metro.
  4. CEVA!!! i work for a freight company and they are cheaper then us! and go door to door if you want
  5. ok, i have been building an s15 which i got from the auctions.... it has an s14 gear box with a s15 engine in an s15 shell. i was on the phone to nissan this morning and apparently the speedo connects to the ABS sensor in S15's and to the transducer on the s14's..... my car doesnt have abs in it because the previous owner removed it. so my question is ... has anyone else got the same issue, or does anyone have any ideas on how to get around the problem

    that was my mates car ... so sad, was so nice ! Just saw it on the back of a tow truck at the crash repairers on the way home from work. That thing looked nice. What happened to end up like that. not to sure all he said was that he just got rear ended hard core hahahahahahaha ill see him tonight, ye it was really nice! hes waiting for insurance to call now and tell him whether there goin to write it off or not

    that was my mates car ... so sad, was so nice !

    think i've seen the pink s14 a couple times, series 2? Not too sure we parked across from it, but behind. It had a nice kit and chrome wheels yep series 2.... used to be mine sold it 2 weeks ago
  9. Snow Season 2010

    I hope you fall off! shut up ellz!!! ur so mean hahahahaha
  10. Snow Season 2010

    goin up to falls cant wait we do it every year

    hahahaha that would be me ...... ye i saw you to love your car
  12. what to get my BF for his 21st

    Aww ive always wanted one of these :-( wouldnt mind myself one either maybe ill make me one at the same time
  13. what to get my BF for his 21st

    awwww these are all great ideas, seriously didnt think of any of them !!!!
  14. What Is Your Favorite Rims Of All Time

    and by fixed it, better have taken that horror pink off it too... +1 lol nothing rong with PINK!!!! it just has stockies on it now.... um dont think its my ne way it used to have the plates ysayno on it.
  15. What Is Your Favorite Rims Of All Time

    is this a nsw car? or do you know the plates.. looks a lil like mine, the guy that owned it before me used to have 20s on it HAHAHAA