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  1. tried to get started on this game, but all i have is the free version...
  2. Where are the good foods ?

    Emrem Kebabs along hallam road usually goes pretty well
  3. anyone got info?

    lol was added while blacking out le plates... not sure why, just for giggles i guess. but on a serious note, know anything about it? i.e badge, engine?
  4. anyone got info?

    as title states, anyone got info on this car? i know it's a datsun... an old one. any other info would be nice guyyyyzzzzz
  5. Skunk2 called out.

    lulz now waiting 4 sh!t5torm!
  6. My Philippines Trip

    whoaaaaaaa, just got back from the Philippines recently, the place is definitely starting to pick up with tourists
  7. She's too young for you bro

    if her age ain't on the clock... she's too young for the cock...
  8. price negotiating

    bahahahaha. just got me wondering as after looking at a few cars on carsales it seems as though a few of them are posting up prices expecting a negotiation to come.
  9. what do you guys usually throw around as your first offer for buying a car i.e. throw a deal 1k less then the original asking price and negotiate from there? also, best and worst prices ever negotiated either by you as the buyer or once again as the seller?
  10. Your car - what's happening?

    wrote off the daily runner... wasn't paying attention at about 4am and hit a gutter...
  11. there's practically no material on there... Click photos not the main profile pic, theres heaps of material.. Id throw it up'er. can't see anything... tried that lol.