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  1. I loaned 10k, paid that off. Just recently loaned another 15k for my patrol and that will be paid off in no time. Loans are cool if you can pay them off quick. I don't loan over 2 years, lol interest!
  2. Gearbox bolts

    It's all good guys, it's only been a year it's been sorted
  3. power 2 weight ratios

    so what your saying is if i put a 100kw motor in a 5tonne car and put it on a dyno it will be the same atwkw as if it was in a 1tonne car??? isnt the weight of the car going to affect power lost through the drive train eg,friction on rear wheels ect...?
  4. N.S Theif

    Props to Mick for following through with it.
  5. Pretty much it, hey Les. awwww yeah
  6. Ghost-Mobile

    Looking good Ghosty, nice list of mods! Imo i wouldn't touch turbo yet, i would hate to see you make 50kw extra only to have that be the straw that breaks the camels back at matsuri. Take a replacement gearbox

    That's super tidy! looks great gav. on topic, dropped it off at ECC the other day to fit the solid head. cannot wait

    ello ello, look what i ave Double valve springs oversized iconel oversized valves Tomei solid lifters, 260 cams
  9. Usually break it, then spend the next 6 months fixing it.
  10. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    Nigoor, what did you just say?
  11. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    Why are there so many soft *milkshakes* in this thread? Who said no to a 350kw sr needs a kick in the dick.
  12. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    I got blew a main heater hose on my troll yesterday, 10k up a beach non nth stradbroke island with no reception 5pm and noone to help. Walked for a good couple hours before we had people come get us CLIFF NOTES Don't 2" body lift your GQ and while checking all your hoses for clearance, forget your main heater hose and have it sheer in half.
  13. SR20DE