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  1. wtb sr20 afm- Pickup adelaide

    wtb-redtop sr20det stock afm in good working condition. Tried an s14 one but car ran like crap so either it was rooted or the s14 ones r internally different somehow. Anyway let me know if u have one. thanks
  2. After abit of advice. had to get an ID inspection done on car couple days ago so put a restrictive as s*#t muffler on to keep It quiet. When I put it on it caused idle to go from 600 to 1200/1400. Got Id check cleared and took muffler back off but itsstill sitting at 1300rpm at idle! WTF? Not sure if the ecu's r like self learning like some commys so disconnected battery for 10mins but didnt make a difference. Havnt touched anything else so no idea whats goin on. Or if somethin else is causing it and its just a coincidence it did it when I did the muffler change. Faulty TPS sensor maybe? Any ideas or help be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Wtb Gearbox sr20

    Hmmm trying to call all week but never any answer. Closed down maybe?
  4. Wtb Gearbox sr20

    Thanks mate will give him a buzz today.
  5. Wtb Gearbox sr20

    So ca boxes r the same just different bellhousing? Where is jdm spares bud?
  6. Wtb Gearbox sr20

    Wanted adap. Sr20det 5speed gearbox in Adelaide. Must be good condition dont try sell me ur shit. Thanks Call or txt 0431 636 925

    Im in the market for new wheels. My last set were 16x8.5 +17 front and 16x 8.5 +27 rear. Looking for something same/similar size 4 x 114.3 in 16 or 17. Show me what u got before I go buy new! Located Adelaide Thanks
  8. Koya RG 18x9.5+18 all round 4 stud 114.3

    What did u have these on? Silvia/180? Have any pics how they sat?
  9. Fuel Pump Options?

    40amp is excessive. 30 amp will be fine. Most draw up 18-20 amps under full load. Run a 25amp fuse first see how that goes.
  10. Fuel Pump Options?

    40amp is excessive. 30 amp will be fine. Most draw up 18-20 amps under full load. Run a 25amp fuse first see how that goes.
  11. Delete

    Hi all, I have a 6bolt shimmed up r200 lsd 3.9 ratio from an s13 I want to swap for a standard r200 lsd. Diff is shimmed that much it is basically a locker now. I am currently using car as a daily and im over it so want to go back to a standard diff for driveability. If u have somethin please let me know. Located Adelaide. Thanks
  12. Fuel Pump Options?

    Relays are a piece of piss to wire up mate. On the relay run an earth from battery to 85, 86 connect to factory pump power wire, 87 connect to pump power and 30 connect to positive of battery with a fuse
  13. Fuel Pump Options?

    Mik5082... by upgrading do u mean running pump on its own relay direct power from battery? Use factory power wire as the trigger wire for the relay?
  14. Fuel Pump Options?

    Had a walbro 255 I bought from Horse Power In a box to start with, only lasted bout 6 months before it failed. The 040 I had no issues with besides pickup so changed to the 044. Now having issues with leaning out at higher loads even after blocking off fuel return hasnt made a difference in loading up the squirters and winding pressure up on fpr. So its 99% fuel pump or 1% injectors. Pump is quickest cheapest option first. And trying to find somewhere in adelaide that stock them as I refuse to shop at Cartoys again