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  1. Front Guards

    Awww bummer thanks for the help guys.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering if the front guards on a 180sx are the same shape and will fit on an s13 silvia as i can source alot of 180 guards but not many silvias. Cheers.
  3. s14a problems

    Might be a faulty cold start temp sensor. Are your spark plugs fouled with fuel?
  4. should i get this s15?

    id get a check on it first. the orange looks like arse with the yellow
  5. +1 Got mine from that place aswel perfect fitment.
  6. Gran Turismo 5

    ^^ +1 Shift 2 looks the goods.
  7. Fu*k my life...

    Your dad gets up you?.. I'd rather put my car into the garage.. =) hahaha haha yeah gets up me as in says put ya friggin car in gear idiot.
  8. Fu*k my life...

    That sucks heaps. This will happen to me one day, i never put my car in gear even though my dad gets up me all the time for it.
  9. BROKEN Bahahahahahaha!!!!!
  10. coilover comparison s13/180

    Ive got BC coilovers in my s13 and ive never had a problem with them.
  11. Was love at first sight. I knew nothing about silvias but when i drove past 1 for sale i new i had to buy it there and then haha havent regreted a thing since.
  12. How much for a stock s13 silvia driver side front guard? Preferably silver if you have one. Sent to 2284 NSW cheers
  13. Its to easy to do yourself to go get a shop to do it for that price and u only need basic equipment.
  14. On The Road

    I sometimes find that when driving along at the speed limit people must expect you to drive fast and foolish just because you are driving an import. My story is i was driving along a 2 lane road at the 80k limit and had this cop in a bum wagon sit right up my arse for a couple k's beggin me to speed so he could rape me for it i wanted to pull over but there were no shoulders so i kept going then left him behind when we stopped at a roundabout, he was giving me the shits big time haha