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  1. What is Santa getting you?

    santa will drop off the cage sometime this week santa (boyfriend) got me defi link advance zd meter, and a couple other things.
  2. Stuff you got picked for

    i had one of those smelly trees hanging from my rear view mirror... got defected for that. Also at the same time got done for my seat belt not retracting fast enough.
  3. Post pics of your tatts

    Sounds like Teneile Napoli. She owns garage ink.

    meee! dunno whats up with my headlight, has a mind of its own!

    Would have been Esther LOL, yeah, woulda been me
  6. Post pics of your tatts

    i have a pink gramlight 57d on my foot

    "IM2SUS" just off canterbury rd. I was in the onevia with pink wheels, car looks tough!

    hey! my car's oherro! i think ive only ever seen your white s15 once lol. do you drive another car too or? Nah usually drive the 15. Well to be fair I'd only seen you twice or 3 times but it was within like 2 weeks haha. Got defected on the Eastlink one morning and stopped going that way haha ahh! that makes more sense haha ill be sure to wave if i ever see you on the road then

    hey! my car's oherro! i think ive only ever seen your white s15 once lol. do you drive another car too or?
  10. SR20DET ---> SR20DE Conversion

    My boyfriend bought an r32 gtst and did an engine swap to an rb25de from a 32. Vicroads had no problems or extra requirements (eg, how when going from n/a to turbo you must upgrade brakes) with it as it was an engine from the same model. Re registered it as n/a. The engine swap was engineered, but this wasnt a must to be able to register it. Never had any negative cop attention in it.

    hmm nah probs not unless it had a grey front bar

    Could of been me.. Where abouts/what time?
  13. re reging car to non turbo?

    because it's re registered with the new engine number then it's classed as n/a. it'd be different if it was converted to n/a but the engine number wasn't updated. have confirmed this with vicroads.
  14. re reging car to non turbo?

    Yep, dont need to engineer it, just register it with the new engine number (take reciept for proof of purchase of the engine - or make one up) and it's done.
  15. I've had an origin fiberglass one (came in a black top coat and didn't need to be painted) and I've now got a origin carbon one waiting to go on. I sikaflexed mine on cause with the tape you'd get a slight gap. That said, the tape is strong as (get 3M for outdoor use from officeworks or somewhere similar), it held my weathershields on without a problem. Fit wise, it does sit the slightest little bit out, butit really isn't that noticeable once on.
  16. Post pics of your tatts

    Where abouts do you do your work mate? Twisted By Design in Bacchus Marsh
  17. Post pics of your tatts

    Back of your calf would look sweet for the grim reaper I reckon. Back price sounds heaps full on. But i like that. One theme for your whole back all tied in. Will look pretty damn good. With your arms if your not sure wait till you join the raaf. Best to wait rather than have no room left! Reason for back piece is because I have a saying i picked up from my Army days tattooed on my lower back lol (yeh the slut spot) So it's embarrassing having that there by itself. EVERYONE READS IT. I go to beach or pool and i see people looking at it. Meh. Saying is: People sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf - George Orwell Quote from 1984 I think or Animal Farm. Why not get the grim reaper over looking the saying? They kinda suit each other.

    black/dark blue 180 on westwood drive (heading towards ballarat rd) around 8:30 tonight.
  19. Post pics of your tatts

    Some fun ones I've done in the last couple of weeks! (note these aren't mine, just ones I did lol) Also, sorry for shit quality, my phone's camera fails Realistic rose on a client's forearm. Took about 2/3 hours from memory: Greyscale Lion, Couple of hours in, still another sit to go: Tiger Lily in a floral sleeve: Wizard back piece, 2 sits down, 1 to go:
  20. Tattoo Designers

    Most tattoo shops will be happy to draw something up but will charge a draw up fee (anywhere from $50-$200 depending on detail, time, effort etc), just sus out some shops that do good work and possibly specialize in the style you're after, and ask . That said, not many artists would take kindly to drawing something up just for you to go get it done somewhere else. Why not get your tattooist to draw it up to begin with?

    guy dropping off a movie @ kilsyth video ezy 40ish mins ago. nice 180 yourself!
  22. Window tinting

    http://www.vipwindowtinting.com.au/ I went to those guys in ferntree gully. They have a deal on with SAU, so (paying) members off SAU only pay like $150 from memory. Otherwise I think he charges $180/$200ish. The deal might not still be on though. Work is awesome, definitely recommend them.

    haha thanks, stupid tire scrubbed thru to the loom