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  1. Get a empty bottle of coke, drill a small hole in the top of the lid and fill it 1/2 way full of brake fluid.. Get some clear plastic thin hose that will slip over the bleed nipple then put the other end of the hose through the coke bottle lid and into the bottle making sure it's into the fluid Then crack the nipple open and pump the brakes a few time to make sure all the old fluid is out and no air is still in the system.. Tighten up the bleed nipple then all done! Just make sure to start from the wheel furtherst away from the master cylinder
  2. new tank of fresh fuel or some octane booster seeing the fuel has been sitting there going stale
  3. school girls

    Wats simular between cricket and sex? When the pads are on it's time to Bat!
  4. school girls

    I asked my mate when it was OK to start having sex with Girls. He told me once they have finished school they are legal. Apparently 3:15pm isn't what he ment!
  5. vinyl wrapping roof

    will cost you twice as much when it comes to removing the wrap.. i had to remove a wrap from a bus coach at work, try 2days just for the back pannel.. after being in the sun and drying out it takes forever to remove and that was with a heat gun and a caramel wheel.. just a thought thats all
  6. designed from a s15? ill just leave this here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_McQueen
  7. That red s15 with the gay front bar looks like McQueen from cars not like a Ferrari
  8. i would even think bout a satin silver... but that satin black does suit it very well
  9. Mate of mine told me to check this out, Dont know if its a repost or not.. How long would it have taken to set this up!
  10. that makes 2 of us... my SR isnt running either R.I.P Turbo you will be missed
  11. inside turbo is orange colour?

    Why is all the Rum gone?
  12. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-Bolt-flares-240z-260z-ke70-ae86-s15-s14-/170650981585 these would work well
  13. fitting intercool on s15

    i got a Hybrid cooler, came with the car when i bought it.. done the job for what i wanted only prob is you cant run a airbox unless you make a custom one to go around the front hotpipe to the cooler
  14. Fkn lol! Stripped interiors for street are gay, so loud and cold and horrid. On a track car they look the goods, nice and tidy. haha, 1j makes it have a heated floor and seat. WINNING dont the engine have to be running for it to be able to warm it up