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  1. Skit ideas

    these are old, but always good for a laugh! http://pleated-jeans.com/2012/03/22/20-fun-things-to-do-before-you-die/
  2. Impromtu snow trip

    surfstitch.com they have a sale on atm on some snow gear, good prices, also if ya google discount coupons for them they always have them going around
  3. qualified barista wanted

    Bean bar is soooooo good! hope ya find somebody decent to keep up the rep!
  4. Laptop hookups/ advice

    Cheers guys especially for that CPU link Legal Attorney I've found this, seems to be a steal, anything i'm missing? http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/pskdla-0cd00s-bonus-10gb-memory-toshiba-satellite-l850-pskdla-0cd00s-p-58659.html?sort=2a
  5. Hey guys Tried to find the hook a brother up thread but couldn't find it anywhere? anyway I'm after a new laptop, looking at around $800 just wondering if anybody works in a store and can hook me up a good deal!
  6. want some more salt to rub into the poor guys wounds?
  7. rc drift car? and i second thisiswhyimbroke.com
  8. Stock market, Who invests?

    and sometimes they may offer a "dividend reinvestment plan". Were instead if paying you the dividend they use the money to buy you more shares in the company.
  9. Stock market, Who invests?

    hahaha! spelling and proof reading were never a strong point. Sorry man, I didn't meant to confuse you. Its really one of those things that once you learn the lingo everything become easier to understand. We can't talk about cars with out lingo being used, same thing. A lot of the stuff I said is pretty basic, once you google the words you will understand the concepts. barefootinvestor.com has heaps of easy to read stuff, I suggest starting there
  10. One day a week jobs

    Try a hardware store man,, i work at one just on the weekends, only in the mornings. Pretty cruisy, can rock up hungover and it doesnt matter cause all the tradies buying shit are aswell
  11. Stock market, Who invests?

    Sounds like you have some very achievable low risk goals man. Definately a smart way to start, set the world on fire a bit later when you have some better understanding. If your looking for some regular solid cash to roll in, in the way of dividends, go for some blue chip companies, or even a indexed fund (one with real low fees). If you want the blue chips, look for companies that have had solid growth, superior products and pay decent dividends (not ridiculas amounts tho, company wouldnt be able to keen up with it for long) and also in an area you have researched to possibly still have some growth in it ( if you have some knowledge of say the utilities industry and you believe there will be growth there maybe look for a blue chip company in utilities). for the indexed fund pathyway, maybe try http://www.argoinvestments.com.au/ or something, have a look around for somethin with good management, good track record and most importantly charge minimal fees. Don't want stupidly high fees eating up your investment when its in its lower stages. and of course if you dont need those dividends right now they will have dividend reinvestment plans to help your money compound that way. indexed funds are great way to get some diversification if you dont have a heap of coin to buy a diverse amount of companies But go out and learn about it yourself!, you'll find what styles you like, how much risk you are prepared to take. You'll find out if you want to be activly involved or just check it once every 6 months. I suggest learning about finance from financial gurus. Not japanese car enthusiasts. Everyboody has there own opinions and styles, and some in this thread (I believe) are great, and some not so much (but they still might work well for that individual! Thats the beauty of investments)
  12. Stock market, Who invests?

    Gurglar, as you can see there is a heap of different ways and stratergies. Each have there own risks and rewards. We could discuss them all in great depths but you have to make sure your in the right financial place to invest. What is your end goal? to be financially independant? We have no idea about your finances atm, but there is some real simple things that will make a big difference to your financial future. 1: debt?. if you got credit card debt, pay that shit of straight away. 20% interest or something. Pretty unlikely a novice investor wil consistantly make 20% profit... but you can stop 20% being charged to u in credit card debt. Same if you have a personal loan for the car or anything. may extra contributions and pay that shit of first!> 2: Super: a) every1 thinks is shit because it only effects you when your old, but id love to retire on the water with a supercar in my shed. if you are a low-middle income earner and make manual contributions to your super company the government will match up to a 1000 dollar for dollar. %100 garenteed return in one year. nothing legit will beat that. http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/content.aspx?doc=/content/42616.htm , the other beauty of super is compounding interest, the younger you are the better. Its boring, long term, but has massive gains with not much money. play with this calculator: https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/tools-and-resources/calculators-and-tools/compound-interest-calculator one of my favourite calculations is this. say your 25 atm, most people retire at around 65 so u have 40 years to contribute before retirement lets say you wak in a measly $40 a week into your super. most long term super accounts average about 10% return.. for your measly 40 dollars a week you will end up making $966,777! nearly an extra mill in your super just from 40 bucks a week. but its like an avalanche, once it gets rolling it grows quicker and quicker,, say you left that money in for another 5 years and delayed retiring, your 966,777 would have turned into $1,570,339. Recon you can spare 50 a week? do the calc and see that its 100,000's more with just adding 10 dollars extra a week Now those figures dont calculate fees or inflation and they only work on avergaes, but they also dont include government go contributions and as everyone with a basic understanding knows that those figures are ontop of what your employer is already contributing so they would actually be compouding alot more (feeding the already rolling ball, not starting it from scratch) 3) Backup coin! Once all that is sorted just save up a bit of coin first (couple months wage maybe) just for back up money, dont want you losing ya job and having to sell all your shares u have just bought for cheap that u were waiting to skyrocket just to put food on the table and miss all the potential gains. 4) Once all that is sorted you will be in a position to do some proper investing. just remember, never put all your eggs in the same basket, and always spend as much time researching shares as you would spending that money on something else ( ie if im gonna spend 1k on a fridge in gonna do probably atleast 5 hours or running around comparing prices and researching, make sure u do atleast that for your shares). and the more basic company the better,, so point investing in chinese rocket juice if you dont understand what market conditions effect it , what the company does, how much debt they have etc etc) check out http://www.barefootinvestor.com/ the articles he rights are great for getting you a better financial future, and also encourages value investing (W. Buffet styles). Even if he is a bit of a douche bag.
  13. Uni Jobs

    worked as a swimming instructor, felxible, good pay, but not many hours avalible. maybe if i did life gaurding aswell
  14. trip sounds awesome man! how much did it around about cost you all up? put some photos up when ya get back!
  15. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    haha have a look who uploaded the video buddy and there hardly trying to catch it?, i dont really see the difference between that and feeding a shark from a cage