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  1. Yeah I have grown alot more now. Scary how time flies. I would appreciate someone throwing up how to remove google searches on my email bringing up goofy posts... Cheers and hope everyone is well.
  2. Okay so alarm goes off i run out, Burning electrical smell notice smoke coming from the steering colum, take shroud off and find the connector had melted into the Indicator/headlight stalk unit..... disconnected batter cursed and said f**k you *milkshake*! But I still love you.... And then Found a replacement part. http://www.taarks.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=NIS-HEADSTALK-180SX&CartID=1 see link... NOW I am also after the connector because that has also melted!!!! Any ideas? I have searched google hardcore and cannot seem to find the connector on the wiring side...... Cheers if anyone has one or has any f**king idea.... Legends!
  3. Shootings & General Crime in NSW!

    AK81 respect, love ya 81! screw sheep listening to the media and they judgemental little shallow patches of brain in their skulls. Bad news sells... there are crims in every sector of life but because a club has form and doesnt fit the clean shaven douche in a suit they are more dis trusting.... I could go on and yes innocent people getting hurt is bad but f**k i hate the media... we all know this... the *milkshakes* give anyone a bad rub if it gets the views and brings in the money for air time.............. thats all it comes down to ladies and gents... we are all numbers making numbers and getting f**ked over.
  4. Wheel alignment lower north shore.

    come to me for a toe 'n' go brother
  5. Where the 180's at (SYD)?

    hey guys got a 241kw atw 180 93 sr20.... She doesnt look to crash hot.... nothing overly special she is dumped and modified enough but.... the paint on it isnt flash and the window seals are fairly worn/f**ked lmao oh and some cockhead scratched the rear bar and didnt bother leaving details whilst it was parked at Technical training.. (f**king *milkshake*)
  6. Battlefield 3

    EDD dont be hating mate.... I built my rig all by myself and although initially faltered with The actual software settup..... I got her running good....Now you may know more but thats no excuse to put ya nose up in the air mate... thats just lame. Advice over assholism
  7. Battlefield 3

    And in all honesty, how long would that be 'up to date' for? lmao that pic got me laughing out loud for literally 30 seconds it never gets old hey...... on par with the Me Gustaaaaaa face meme lmao..........probably out of date by the time I power it up?
  8. Battlefield 3

    looks at mandi - to bad she lives in tassie as thats a deal breaker Yeah... well no point crying over it..... My endeavour continues! Though yeah she is a fine example of a woman.
  9. why god hates Australia day

    f**k all mother f**kn haters!!!! SCARNON STRAYA DAY *milkshakes*! GETTITINYA!
  10. Battlefield 3

    ps3 rox my sox......... I just need to find one fine Gamer girl/Geeky thing n im set for life LMAO level 25 ladies? lmao
  11. Battlefield 3

    I was about to say that lol. Although mouse is superior to controller. As stated Dan, there are Very kool shoot em up short boards and mouse combos that you can now buy for the ps3 hardwired usb so no drop outs or issues so far from what I read.
  12. Battlefield 3

    Liar Liar pants on fireeeeeeeee a good rig costs from 2 grand built. I mean a good one which leaves you with at least 2 years usage with modern games at decent resolutions... id be very surprised and turned on if I was told I can get one for under 1 grand Also there are awesome mouse and keyboard kits you can run on the ps3
  13. This was more of a trolling thing on boost cruising (stupid f**kn shit *milkshake* website) when i was 17 going 18 saying The vs wagon (Good ol ecotecs) I drove (yeah with a full barrier cage in the back f**kn A) beat a R33 GTR on the main road by 3 car lengths and he was gunning it... f**k I was a stupid red p plater cockhead of a *milkshake*....But the trolling worked I got banned and unbelievable 2 commonwhore *milkshakes* in the chat room believed me........ the rest shunned and trolololed
  14. How have you quit your job?

    I think some Sociopathic bosses just cannot be treated with respect... I know mine will NEVER give a good refrence about me once I leave once my 4th year is up.