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  1. Hi Taark, need some parts for my 96' S14A -waterpump -nismo thermostat -Z32 fuel filter -sr20 aircond & alternator belt -sr20 gearstick bush Also, do you have the clips for luxury model sideskirt..?? bottom and side.. price delivered to Perth, 6101 please.... Thanks
  2. NISMO Parts!

    Hi Taark, need some parts for my 96' S14A -waterpump -nismo thermostat -Z32 fuel filter -sr20 aircond & alternator belt -sr20 gearstick bush Also, do you have the clips for luxury model sideskirt..?? bottom and side.. price delivered to Perth, 6101 please.... Thanks,
  3. sr20det reliability

    haha'..yeah its quite a list, welcome to the world of imports. you just need to do it slowly so you can actually feel the diff one mod can do.
  4. sr20det reliability

    from what I gather on this forum in my own opinions. Fuel system: -Fuel pump(Walbro, Bosch) -Injectors(550, 740) -surge tanks & External fuel pump(may not be high on the list unless you drift or likes taking corners rather quick most of the time) Cooling: -Decent size FMIC and piping ( Hybrid, Trust, Blitz, ARC etc. depends on ur budget) -Thicker alloy rad (Koyorad, PWR, Chinese spec etc. depends on ur budget) -Good quality rad hoses -lower rating thermostat (nismo) - Intake: -Upgrade panel filter ( K&N, BMC etc.) or, upgrade intake pipe and a pod in an enclosed box -upgrade turbo ( GT2871, GT3071, TD06-l20g etc) rear housing depends on ur pref of response or top end. get a set of braided turbo lines aswell I.E oil, water. -decent size Wastegate of a good brand if you choose external type turbo -upgrade BOV (Plumb-back, vent atmosphere) Exhaust: -Full turboback system with highflowed Cat ( X-force, JapBrand, Custom) -Steam-pipe Exhaust manifold ( might not be necessary depends on ur turbo choice) Electronics system: -Boost Controller( MBC, EBC. depends on budget) -Set of gauges I.E Boost, oil pres, water temp. Computer: -with Z32 afm ( Nistune, Power FC etc) -Without Z32 afm, map sensor instead ( Motec, Haltech, Vipec, Power FC D-jetro etc. Depends on the tuner around ur area & budget) ignition system: -A set of Good quality plugs with proper gaps Head: -Camshaft( poncams, Easy cams, BC, etc.) A set of rocker arms stopper is a good idea too. BottomEnd: depends on the cond of the motor but stock internals should handle ur power goal. otherwise go full rebuilt with forged internals or stroked it if you got the cash. Oiling system: -Upgrade sump ( tomei, Greddy, Custom etc.) -Good Quality oils and regular oil change. I understand that other ppl might have diff opinions on setup so, if i miss anything or add unnecessary stuff on the list then, feel free to change them. that way, i could learn new things too.
  5. flutter

    so, either you plumb back your ssqv or just get another bov like turbosmart as said above'...that should fixed the flutter noise'...
  6. flutter

    or maybe just recirculate ur bov. i did with mine and flutter is nowhere to be heard'..haha
  7. it won't do shit to you but your car'...mate,read the post above Vlcalaisturbo already answered ur Q's....
  8. What colour is this OMFG :P

    Dark candy green??
  9. yeah, thanks for that Dan. its fixed now, i just replaced the O2 sensor...i just couldn't believe that out of 125 views, only you had the willingness to help give some ideas......guess my problem just not importance enough or maybe ppl just don't know much'...meh... oh, this doesn't leak coz its AM performance screamer dump. its got good sealing around the exhaust outlet. you wouldnt notice it when it idle... case closed. problem is O2 sensor and its fixed. MOD can close the thread if they want. Ta,
  10. I'm going to replace the o2 sensor this arvo since i have spare and hopefully it'll fix it'....
  11. Anyone?? it might sound stupid but i could use some enlightenment as to why it happen'.... Cheers,
  12. hey guys, i just installed AM performance screamer dump pipe onto my s14a(sr20) yesterday but now, when i drive the car and get onboost, car start to stutter after i let go of the throttle for prob 2mins(sometimes longer) then it'll get back to normal'... could it be the o2 sensor on its way out?? if not, what could be the gremlins'..?? i checked around and there's no exhaust leak'... car's stock bar exhaust and pod'... i've search before and found nothing on this site'... cheers, Dhee
  13. S15 292rwkw, GT3076r

    Sad to see such a great car sold mate'...hope you happy with ur new evo'..!! btw, who did ur airbox in the s15? it looks neat and i want one now'..haha
  14. S15 with S14 Facelift Front End?

    Wow, nice chop man'...the lines do match up there'...btw, what front bar is that if anyone knows...??
  15. Rocker arms stopper

    Good point!! hope my hands are steady'...lol