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  1. Hey guys, i have a S15, when its idling after it drops down past 1000 rpm, it will sound like a wrx and feel lumpy/shakey , the boost gauge moves up abit and start getting shakey. I have just change the sparks (brcp6es) and oil (Motul 4100 10w40), but also the oil smells like fuel also it only boosts up to 5 psi
  2. Rough Idle

    mmm the hoses going to the bov are all intact, cause i've been removing it and trying to figure out where it was blocked, but i found a tap plug but i took it out, and the injectors, i'll sus it out haha any more ideas, so i can just do it all at once, or someone near by more mechanically more knowledgeable that wants to help out
  3. Rough Idle

    umm its a stock bov but its not opening properly it flutters ? could that be the case ?
  4. Rough Idle

    Yeah, the plugs looked burnt when i took them out, i looked at the other threads some said IACV... i cleaned that and still seemed to run abit rough, no leaks in the cooler/piping
  5. Rough Idle

    u are 1 cheeky carnt m8 i swear
  6. Make : TOYOTA CHASER Transmission : Kilometres : 107 Price : $13,000 Condition : Used For Sale: Up for sale is my Toyota Chaser Tourer V JZX100; i have owned this car for more than a year now, and sadly its time to let it go. It has been very good to me, and always maintained. Oil and filter are changed every 5,000 KM and Spark Plugs are every 10,000 KM. Meticulously looked after, and major service/100,000km Service just done. Drives like a dream and very comfortable. 500KM out of a full tank ! Always filled up with either BP Ultimate or V-Power, Never anything else and always 98 Octane. 1998 Toyota Chaser Tourer V Series II Pearl White Automatic 107,XXXKM Rego: JAN-2013 1JZGTE VVTI- 2.5 Litre Turbo MODS: HKS Super Suction Intake Kit CUSCO Oval Aluminium Front Strut Brace BLITZ NUR Exhaust GREDDY Magnetic Sump Bolt RAZO Turbo Timer PIONEER AVH-P4050 DVD/iPOD/USB Headunit RAZO Carbon Fibre Gear Knob Looking for 13,000 ONO Might be interested in swaps plus cash either way.
  7. JZX100 Chaser - RPF1 Goodness!

    i reckon for me, it felt big to drive at first, but you get used to it, and makes awesome power, smooth driving
  8. 400rwhp RB25 R32

    looks fkn awesome, sweet plates too ! haha yeah and paint the gtr bumper
  9. is200

    good for daily driving i rkn , theres a guy who did the sr20det conversion with flares
  10. 300+rwkw project

    looks awesome !
  11. New to SEVS: Crown sedan and wagon

    car looks good, can't wait to see them on the road
  12. looks good, good power figure for a daily !
  13. s15 LS1 turbo street, track, whatever

    shit this build is getting closer ! wanna see this beast running
  14. WPNSTI - 2006 Subaru WRX STi

    my favourite sti model im so jealous !
  15. My Midnight Blue 180sx Clean and simple.

    looks good ! install that lip asap
  16. Gun's, champagne & chrome (S13 <3)

    farkk this thing looks fkn sick as
  17. hates NSW p plate laws *RAGE*

    should of personal imported a car to australia zzz nz gets the best cars ;/
  18. Feint motion AE86 build

    farkkk cant wait to see this thing in action !!
  19. Huffy Slider Comp this weekend in Vic

    LOL sick i should totally get into this
  20. Rim Repair

    Hey guys, just a few quick questions. i recently buckled my wheel abit and has a bit of gutter rash and the rear one has abit of gutter rash too and a crack in the spoke. just wondering if anyone knows if the crack can be repaired, or if i should repair it or not not sure if the rims are forged or not, but they weigh 6.9kg there black racing n1's. and anyone recommened a rim repair shop or a estimate on cost ? cheers
  21. Rim Repair

    i emailed wheel tech, no dice. :/ they said they dont fix cracked rims
  22. car looks good ! keep up the good work
  23. introduction and my ride

    lmao ^ i meant last reply from OP .... come on mate