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  1. The reasons for lack of and no future potential: 1. This site is full of junk now, I left for a few months only to come back to the same bs questions being asked. Therefore a lot of genuine people just stay away now. I honestly can not believe now much of the same stuff is on. Same, same, same. That it's actually difficult to find go information other that, once again, asking the same thing over and over. 2. There's no middle band silvia (or imports in general) owners anymore. Either you have the poor 21 year old kid with a efed silvia that doesn't know anything (and posts stupid, already answered questions), or you have the dedicated owner that's only focused on cars and nothing much more (I'm not saying that's bad, it's your choice). There's not middle people with a street mods and average skills that help out people on the side, and in turn teach each other. I was one of these and I've seen a lot of people flee from all import sites. I had a lot of mates that have "moved on" and I havn't heard of many people (aside from the 21yo clueless punters I mentioned before) moving into the import scene. 3. Which leads me to the last point, of the changing preference and laws. These days you can buy a "fast" car for cheap, unlike a few years ago where you had to build a car. What I mean is that a few years ago you would be a sports car and it wouldn't have for example the cool race buckets and good fitting rims. Now you can buy a hot hatch. Which are legal and hassle from (from the cops and maintenance). So sites like the OzRenaultSport forum (or whatever it is) is actually growing. If you don't believe me, go a google analytics for the last 10 years on both. I can't teach you that coz it's not technically allowed haha. But there are the 3 major reasons for the trends.
  2. Lol mint 180... haha. I was looking for a mint 180 from 2007 to 2009, then I realised that I'd only ever get one if I made it mint.
  3. Do a Google to inform yourself on what you want to say and also maybe have a look at websites such as this http://www.carbibles.com/suspension_bible.html
  4. You basically argued one point then you jumped the fence. You're an idiot haha. Clearly isn't the word. Look at the sales of the 86 product, they where limited. Look who bought them. Very specific and very small market.
  5. Basically after months of "research" it's that this guy said. In general, no matter who the person is (unless it's one of us, jap import owners), jap imports are now not considered cool cars. Like there where in the peak years. Okay the hipsters don't really dig cars, lol, but in general the normal person prefers other cars. Some the more luxurious cars, more so then it was before. Before it was just eh typical BMW/Merc, etc, but these days ppl want lux in a normal car. And the second thing is, more people prefer the modern look of cars, such as the hatchbacks. That's why manufacturers are producing them...huh.
  6. I personally prefer plumbback, but that's not an option for me until I redo my piping. Getting too old for flutter and shit. Just want to hear spool and silence. It's not the age, it's the person But yeah just muffler it to the same level as some factory cars now, it's not that loud.

    It's a known fact that sunroof versions (whichever spec it is) have a lot less space. Non sunroof I had a hand of room, in the sunroof one I had to lean seat backwards like a dipstick to get even 2 fingers headroom.
  8. Well not not really... what I meant was most overly stiff. No not silly stiff springs, I didn't say that. After all modern cars come with much beefier sway-bars. I was just implying at the overly stiff ones reducing independence. Hence your comment about drifters not using them (now).
  9. It's kind of been answered already, but basically what this guy said. Mine stopped selecting 6th and sometimes 5th (plus it would stuff up on rear gear too) just when driving for too long on the fwy. My thought is, when this happens, the box is on the way out.
  10. Whats it vent to atmo? Coz if it not recalculates, that's probs why it's more responsive. If not that, it was leaking.
  11. The argument and preference of what rate depends on a lot of things. The two most obvious ones are: Depends on the damper, in other words the coilover. On one type a 8/6 might be normal, on another it might be pretty bumpy. Having tried a few, I knew for example BC BRs 6/4 were like factory when on softest but near like 8/6 (when on near full stiffness) when on the 6/4s were set to hardest. And second and more important thing is... personal preference. One persons bumpy is not another. You really need to understand this before asking for opinion. A mate of mine couldn't stand my coilovers, another was like "it's pretty soft". As a general rule of thumv, I'd say less then 6/4 is too soft for performance and 10/8 is too hard for the road. Another general rule would be that you should reduce body roll as much as you want with coilovers, not swaybars, coz they reduce independence. Swaybars tend to be made for drifters for silvias, hence really stiff, not for circuit. It's amazing how much more tyre wear overly stiff swaybars add to the outside. Lastly to your last question, softer springs and better when roads are more uneven/bumpy etc. For example I knew max damper rate on my local roads just resulted in bumping over the roads. So having said that, a hill climb could require a 6/4, but if there is constantly narrow twists, you would be better off going higher to be able to have quicker change of direction in loss of some cornering speed.
  12. 6 speed issue

    Wow so many questions. The mod will not make is much stronger and you'd probably be better off upgrading boxes (and rear ends perhaps) if running that much power. But in the end, there are circuit cars that run 300rwkw and still have the modded 6-speed. So it works, but it's not like a RB25 box. But I personally loved the ratios. You could consider a 350Z box if you're rich lol.
  13. For about 100mm from ground, you'll need 225 on front and 235 on read if you want sub 2.5 degs of camber on rear. You'll need to roll guards. Slip-ons maybe on front, if you adjust via bottom of coilover you will not need it. Matter of opinion but it's anti performance
  14. 6 speed issue

    circlip mod works, but it doesn't make it bullet proof
  15. Get a Drift oil filter and you will not have this issue