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  1. Hi, can I get a price of XT206R in 18x9.5 +10 x4 in bronze to 6056 WA please? Cheers
  2. GKtech V2 camber arms - S15

    after finding a picture of Greg Kruse's arms installed on his car, it appears to be set up like this: C is that correct?
  3. Hi, sorry for the noob question but I've searched everywhere and couldn't find any info on it, so if a thread out there exists already about it, maybe you can point me in the right direction Anyways, I have the V2 camber arms for the S15 and i was just wondering how it all goes together because I'm a bit confused by it all. is picture A the right way? or picture B? or have I got it all completely wrong? also, I've heard the screw is just for packaging purposes, is this true? A B Cheers for any help!
  4. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

    Ha! that wheel carrier is mad! but OMG that black s13 was the TITS!! got any more pics of that!? PM coming your way about it keep up the good work too mate, that engine looks pretty clean! especially with the V8 in it.
  5. Stoney's S13

    So as I said before, I was looking at a black s15. Well, I picked it up tonight. 1999 Nissan S15 Silvia Spec R JDM model -6 speed gearbox -T28 Ballbearing turbo -Front mount intercooler -Pod filter -3" cat back exhaust system -JIC adjustable coilovers -Brand new VTC cam sprocket installed at Hyperdrive -GFB Atomic manual boost controller (junk) -Turbo Timer -Factory JDM boost gauge -Rear tyres are about 2 months old -Vertex front bumper -Spec r sideskirts -Vertex rear bumper -HIDs -Vented Z-tune style bonnet (lightweight) -Gun metal Rotas -Tinted windows -D1 Spec gearknob -Touchscreen JVC multimedia headunit future plans are: -Poncams -EBC, probs a Profec B spec II -Power FC, still deciding whether I want DJ or non-DJ -Defi Boost gauge -Tune (sorry for the crap quality ad pics) Might start a new build thread fo this.
  6. Stoney's S13

    cheers. I think they're just stock ones niteshaded red.
  7. Stoney's S13

    Spose I should update this aye, as you've all been waiting, salivating at the very thought of this car (yeah right) It's still NA, it's still slow as shit, but atleast it's black. speaking of, hopefully picking up a black s15 this week if finance is sorted bit of an upgrade which means this will either be sold off or used as a drift shitter til the DE blows and a DET is chucked in.
  8. Stoney's S13

    Got a link to this number plate thread mate? I'm just going to assume it's advising against posting number plates, I'll change them now.
  9. Stoney's S13

    Previous owner sold them before selling the car. I didn't actually think of the whole upgrading caliper idea, will look into that, cheers!
  10. Box frame silvia - now with cage!

    holy shiiit, that's low! reminds me of a go kart.
  11. Stoney's S13

    cheers fellas, main reason I bought it was because of the aero and J lights, and as you can see from the FS photo's it has potential just need to decide on some wheels not sure if to just bodge it and go Rota's or find some cool Jap rims. Not a lot of Jap wheel selection in WA unfortunately
  12. Stoney's S13

    Hey, name's Josh, but you can call me Stoney I just picked up my S13 on Sunday. Some specs: Black '93 S13 SR20DE Manual Full genuine optional aero kit (rear pods not installed yet) J lights BC Coilovers 3" exhaust which is too big, may downsize in the future Plastic GTR grill A few things wrong with it, mainly being the horn, interior and dash lights not working, noisy brakes, no radio and faded paint, I still love it all the same. main plans for it now are to get new brakes all round because I am not happy with the noisy current ones. I could probably get away with maching the rotors and new pads, but I figure I may aswell upgrade, planning on getting some DBA rotors and some generic pads, but first I need to know if Type X brakes (which are the ones on the car now) are the same as SR20DET brakes or something else? Next will be to take it to an autoleccy and get all the electrical gremlins fixed up. I could probably try and fix them myself, but electrics are not my strong point and I'd rather pay a professional to do it right than me attempting it and ending up with Yakiniku. Off the top of my head, the things that need fixing are the interior lights, dash lights, horn, the passenger high beam sticks on for some reason and the passenger door needs readjusting because it screws with the door ajar light and therefore the dash clock ( ), basically the whole passenger side of the car is f**ked. The exhaust has a rattle from a mount knocking on the chassis, so I need to get it on a hoist and adjust that. I'd like to get it on a hoist and give the whole underbody a check and clean. I bought a SOOPER DOOPER CLEAN door shell and will swap that over when I get some more interior pieces. A new stereo system, will get my brother to install that when money permits, he's a whizz with that shit. A new diff when I become bored (which is already) with the auto one left in there from the manual conversion. May rattlecan the roof and boot just to get rid of the fade, depends how much it bothers me. It won't be anything special. In the mean time, I have just given the interior a decent clean. Future plans are: 5 stud new rims (suggestions?) suspension RB20 new paint in a brilliant Silver low skidz defectz hoon law crying giving up Mirage (my other car). All my money has been spent on this thing and I still need some other things paid off first, so updates will be few and far between for the next couple of months. some pictures (sorry that they're dark, I no good with camera yet): some from the FS thread with 18" Enkei RPF1's: Cheers for looking, comments and suggestions are appreciated
  13. 17x9.5 +22 and 17x10 +18, both in silver to 6056 WA? cheers.
  14. 17x9.5 +22 and 17x10 +18, both in silver to 6056 WA? cheers.