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  1. drift monster - rb25 Sil80 Hit and Run

    Car is uber dope! What front guards are they?
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, The front guards are mean as hell. Would love to know who makes em
  3. Hey guys Does anyone have any specs on this car. Below I came across this but cant find any specs on the guards, who makes them, and specs on the wheels. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Also does anyone know a distributor of the wisesport 50mm rear guards. (same as silbeer's) Cheers
  4. s13 brick headlight

    i also have a pair for sale for $280
  5. As one currently undertaking a conversion, vh45de in s13. This biggest help you can do yourself is contact an engineer BEFORE you start. It will save to heaps of time and give you far less headaches. Make and appointment and go in there with a plan written out with everything you want to do and he will advise you on what is suitable. Little things like aftermarket calipers, or braided brake lines might not seem like a big deal because your making the car better, but come registration time you might find out they wont register you car with them or the epa wont clear you because you deleted your egr or carbon canister. I recommend John at Consulmotive he is a great guy and very helpful.
  6. Autogauge gauges crap?

    Another vote for a terrible gauge. Wait for some second hand gauges to come in at your budget. Or look on overseas race series forums, you would be surprised what you can find for a great price.
  7. LSD Choice

    Any reason with not going with a helical diff from a s15?
  8. Front guard decisions

    Thanks for the input guys
  9. Hey guys, here is a quick one. At what point do you go widebody on a s13. For the front guards? Pretty much i have 8 inch 0 offset wheels going on and I really don't want to run demon camber especially on the street. How far can you flare the standard guard out or is it worth it to go widebody guard? Cheers James
  10. Helical s15 diff

    i can tell if u have a pic
  11. Digi dash/ race clsuter

    http://www.stackltd.com/data_acquisition.html There's the link. Probably the cheapest way into a stack is a configurable ST8100 that should be more than enough for what your after. Im not sure how much that will set you back. But I know mine was worth alot more. Due to the extra sensors, module
  12. Digi dash/ race clsuter

    I own a stack ST8802 Dash with Datalogger with an additional module. Giving me a total of 16 channels, 24 if i get another module. It has the on board warnings system and records at up to 50Hz. Has the shift light function also At the moment I have the sensors/capability to record: RPM WSPD Front WSPD Rear Throttle position Brake Postion Steering Position Gear Postition Oil Temp EGT Water Temp Air Temp Diff Temp Oil Pressure Fuel Pressure Manifold Pressure Fuel Level Lateral G Longitudinal G Voltage and Laptime I really enjoy the stack and if you have the V5 software you can wire in any sensor you like and calibrate it yourself saving heaps
  13. Different dashes For s13.

    Cool thanks for the upload guys. Going to go with a dash from a c110 and use my stack cluster
  14. Different dashes For s13.

    I agree is very retro
  15. Different dashes For s13.

    Thats the one!