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    My... God... I don't know what's scarier. The fail fab or the whole vibe of the thread
  2. what are you playing?

    Been playing a hell of a lot of Hawken recently... great online free-to-play mech shooter. Still in open-beta, so it has its quirks, but is certainly very playable and very enjoyable
  3. gt wings ?

    Oh how I loved that game... Another irony is the blokes with the nice classic muscle cars and the air filter sitting out of the bonnet... Defectable because cops reckon that if a pedestrian gets hit by said car, they could cut themselves on the filter... A Current Affair's fabulous reporting found that gem out BUT somehow bull bars and driving lights and ridiculous antennas found on pretty much any 4WD that isn't a soccer mum's car is ok
  4. Top picture looks like DMAX to me (eBay rip off)... hard to tell on the bottom picture. But yes... smoked is the only variant, at least from Yashio. I think with DMAX you can actually get the black inserts to be chrome, although no idea why anyone in their right mind would... in regards to having different levels of smoked, no idea hey. What I do know though is you'd be able to buy clear and shade them yourself if you were really that keen. Not sure on ruling in VIC, but in QLD I think your tail lights must be visible up to 200m away at up to 45 degrees viewing angles (people feel free to correct me here), doesn't really matter if they're smoked or not so long as that holds true.
  5. S15 Airbag Module Removal

    Correct... I wrote off my s15, airbags deployed but could still start the car fine. If you want to remove it, just disconnect the sensor, its located underneath the rear seat, above the transmission tunnel. Make sure you disconnect the airbags first for obvious reasons. As an example we've now fixed said s15, and runs like a champ with no airbags whatsoever, car is still running a stock ECU so can be sure it's not affecting that there
  6. love this pics literally laughing out loud... gold
  7. I'd be inclined to suggest lean as f**k - you're exhaust could be igniting whatever vapours are left because of the heat generated by not enough fuel, might explain the power cuts too. As bling suggested, but I'd also add check the state of your spark plugs... if they're white as hell it's proof in the pudding. Can you see any fuel leaking in the engine bay while the car is running? Also maybe check your fuel filter/pump to make sure they're flowing correctly so you can start narrowing down where to look
  8. got billet?

  9. The other option is use your existing speaker wiring as a pull through through your door grommits, worked well for me
  10. MCM Drift Car - Does it drift? [Video]

    ^^ +1. Pretty damn sure we haven't seen the last of this car for the season... And +1 to this as well. Production has gone through the roof, nice to see how the quality of the videos has improved with each season hey, as well as your ambition... love it
  11. +1... love seeing what these boys get up to, no matter how good or bad it looks as has been said, for a budget car painted with fence paint, it still looks better than half the others out there (mine included, mainly because its in about 50 shades of black at the moment)... and the way they went about modifying it was well worth the laughs! Top work boys, can't wait to see what else you get up to in Season 5
  12. moving to qld

    depends mate, do you want half an hour to brisbane? because that's not going to happen in nambour mind you though, theres a great shopping center around mooloolaba (sunshine plaza) with all of the aforementioned thats within half an hour of nambour. You're probably looking at an hour to an hour and a half to brissy
  13. Best Tool kit for a noobie

    Cable Ties... x 1,000,000. Toolkit done.
  14. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    That's very interesting to note... I do have to wonder why they are bringing in other manufacturers when everything is controlled to that extent... I get the point of it all, i.e. from a safety and competition perspective, but in which case why not call it the Mini Cooper Cup? If all the cars are almost identical I don't see all that much differing between the teams aside from a bunch of fanboys who will argue until the cows come home that one manufacturer > than the other because of a better driver... Don't get me wrong, I very much look forward to seeing what the inclusion of Nissan and Mercedes Benz will do to the sport, but at least with Germany's DTM or the BTCC, the manufacturers are striving to be better than the others based on what technologies they can introduce to give them an edge. With that point in mind, it does beg to ask the question, what's the point in having factory backed teams? Call me ignorant, but regulations are starting to ruin the great rivalries that defined the V8 Supercars...
  15. S14 HID Install - YouTube DIY

    Nice vid again Couple of suggestions... - Use of a camera-person, I rekon the shots need to be a bit more dynamic as opposed to having the same camera angle for the whole clip. This would also allow you to show what you're doing as opposed to describing it - Ditch the text... bit hard to read what was going on, I know that personally I certainly prefer to hear it and have it explained - Maybe get a music loop (generated from any of the many music programs) for the background, not too intrusive, but just to break up what's going on. This might be something I just prefer vs. what you're shooting for, but a suggestion none-the-less! Other than that, love how it's evolving from video to video, and can't wait to see what's coming up next!
  16. Epic car fail thread

    I think the best thing is that he somehow thinks he's added $10k to the value of the car....
  17. ^^This Best and still pretty cheap. I'll give a +1 to this as well. Used it to get rid of the factory stripes down the side of a car and it worked a treat!!
  18. Pistol Pete's 6L S15 Hit & Run - new vids!

    Dude... such a shmicko car, definitely jelly. Good job
  19. Official Steam Chat and gamer tag thread?

    ive just joined the ht group, smirkingrevenge6
  20. Malware

    no need - everything seemed fine today
  21. Malware

    I still got a malware page for viewing this topic, but everything else seems to be loading ok
  22. Best Australian Memes

    what ive got...
  23. Ripping DVDs (yeah yeah)

    Handbrake isn't really a DVD ripper, its a video converter. Any that it might do are very limited, it falls over when it comes to region encryption