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  1. Roll Cage

    The new shedule J is just alot of extracts from the current FIA shedule There has also been a few changes made since the online available regulations were published. CAMS haven't done any new FEA simulations.it's also a shame we will still be required to submit FEA simulations for approval to do 4130 and T6 cage work. There will be a tolerance for 4130 cages built to shedule J requirements providing they meet the same min tube dimensions as CDS/CDW which mearly defeats the purpose of 4130 usage. A few of the local pre scruits I use here (probably the same guys you'd be using) over the last 4 months have started to softly enforce the new regs. Mainly for tarmac rally vehicles.
  2. Roll Cage

    Did you obtain CAMS Registration for that half cage which has the rear stays meeting the hoop down the side of the hoop instead of roof height? Shedule J states they must meet at roof height. I had a customer fabricate a cage themselves that got knocked back for that exact design.
  3. 200sx worth

    Yes. Not going to estimate because I haven't seen the car but a stock painted s14a with some mods isn't worth every cent the person spent modding it when they come around to selling time. Brad.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Late 2002 - old... Brad.
  5. Drift beast

    It means this thread is now elite. LOL Where you waiting on that or something man? Brad.
  6. BOV install.

    All good, all fixed. Hopefully you get the BOV issue sorted! Brad.
  7. BOV install.

    Use one post next time man. FFS... Brad.
  8. flush out fmic

    For sure Leave it out in the sun on its side. Brad.
  9. flush out fmic

    I would use either a solvent like WD40 with hot water to follow, or morning fresh and water, or a lot of metho/petrol/turps followed by either of the above. Brad.
  10. I believe Advan RGII's or TCII's would weigh less. Would be able to get a set of 16's with some rubbish tyres on them for that price. Brad.
  11. windows stuck

    I know of three people with S15's this has happened to. One was under 10,00k's old and the drivers side did the exact same thing as yours, the other happened on both and another dropped the passenger side out completely when someone slammed the door. If the actual control mechanism is ticking a connector may have come loose on it. Check the drivers side door first for that reason. At least that way you will be able to see if the window has just come off its rollers. Brad.
  12. Precisely. Use the same sized one - funnily enough it will fit in this little holder that looks like its designed for a fuel filter on the drivers side strut tower. Brad.
  13. Unlimited boost?

    Ok your engine then! It is either you actuator line, actuator or the wastegates stuck shut. Brad.
  14. Rear sway bars

    The bracing around the rear of S14/15 above the subframe and between the strut tops means they do very little. On my 180SX the rear felt much sharper with the brace in, the transition to the rear end over-steering was quicker with it in. I felt the rear end was more predictable with it out to be honest... Brad.