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  1. Big Bird RB25 Neo S15

    Good choice on goin RB, I've done the same with my S15, here's a link to me build if you want to see anything. If you have any questions feel free to ask. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=514761&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  2. s15 rpf1 wheels

    heres some pics of my S15 with the 19x8.5+22/19x9.5+22 i sold them and went with 18inch AME Tracers 18x9.5+22/18x10+15
  3. s15 rpf1 wheels

    I changed my wheels to AME Tracers very similar wheels but offer better sizing, I currently run 9.5/10.5 on mine now. LOL
  4. s15 rpf1 wheels

    Hey champ I was running RPF1's on my S15 19x8.5+22 and 19x9.5 +30 never had scrubbing. There's a pic. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=514761&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  5. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    Hell yeh, looks the good man, good work!
  6. RB26dett 180sx Build

    Good build man, I've done the same conversion to my S15, drives well with the extra torque!
  7. Nissan Silvia S15 RB26.... Version 2

    Sorry to hear about the accident man, hope the rebuild goes well, you still planning on jumping gap and heading over to aus?
  8. The Snowball Effect : LS7/T51R S14

    This thing is goin to be epic!
  9. S15 Repairable Writeoff, Skippy Hunter

    I know this might sound like a stupid question but I thought there was no such thing as a repairable write off anymore? Once it's a write off it can no longer be registered? Or is this strictly track only?
  10. Pistol Pete's 6L S15 Hit & Run - new vids!

    f**k yeh! Looks so baller!
  11. New to newy....Definetly not new to Hardtuned

    Good to see new imports around, if your looking for meetups and such we meetup at autobahn Warners bay on Thursday nights.
  12. s15 LS1 turbo street, track, whatever

    Yeh champ got any updates on this beast??
  13. halo 4, gonna be baller yo

    Finished campaign on legendary the other day, the legendary ending after the credits is really kool!
  14. The Walking Dead

    Agreed! Probably best ep this season!
  15. S15 Pop Up Nav

    Pretty sure you just push on it to make it open.