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  1. i asked "you dont have aids right" then after the answer no... i replied "good hate to catch that shit again". pro tip: hold on tight
  2. things to do in sydney

    Join a sports team, do a martial art, fishing, bike riding, baking (gangnam style), kayaking. photography, pornography, go traveling, start collecting some shit.
  3. Hand held video cameras and tripod

    Am i the only one that thought of Porn?
  4. Got the email thought I would come check out the thread... hmmmm i am hella busy but i will try and make it =)
  5. Help me pick a laptop by 9am tomorrow

    I use Asus for personal... Solid laptop great for gaming etc. Would not cover the business requirements though. That Dell is a nice peice of equipment, 12.5" sooo tiny! you would have to go Latitude because Vostro dont have the docking stations.
  6. Help me pick a laptop by 9am tomorrow

    As an IT admin I hear your requirements... If someone at work asked me I would tell them to get a DELL 14" laptop because: Not to heavy to lug home and back Next Business Day onsite warranty (three years) Performance is no problem...Can get them with i7's and 8gb ram no probs also with SSD or 7200rpm hdd Your not gaming... You can get docking stations easily
  7. things that annoy you

    1st World Problem^^
  8. No time to write a huge thing unfortunately... but health insurance isnt worth it for me. Hospital cover is a rip, unless your over 30 and get the tax benifits, i never go to a doctor let alone a hospital and if i did i wouldnt mind seeing any doctor or sharing a room if it means its for free. Extra's are good, but unless you already spend the money for services such as chiro, acupunctioner, dentists, buying glasses/sunglasses every year then your losing out. sorry for the rushed post.
  9. have a look at right clicking the appy and clicking run as administrator as well.
  10. Epic car fail thread

    Notice the hectic bonnet vents for MAX performance Notice the wing for awesome rear wheel downforce, and the break vents and sik exhaust... This thing must be a beast! Note: all sarcasm intended...
  11. Hi, My mate has got a Toyota Rukus which is a weird looking car!! (his is white) He asked me to help him find some wheels for it, but I have no idea what would look the goods... Any suggestions? (No fully sick chromies, or 22" bullshit either please) EDIT: Also suggested offset would be nice.
  12. Toyota Rukus Wheel Selection

    Thanks Sid I checked it out and there is so much win!
  13. Toyota Rukus Wheel Selection

    Any hook ups for my mate, tyre and wheel packages?
  14. What number plate to get, gave three options.... I got flamed soo hard, people saying get BUM53X and IMAHOMO and stupid shit like that! EDIT: ^^ This is why I LOVE NS!
  15. price negotiating

    I get so frustrated at super low ballers, i was selling a car for 10k and people where offering me 3k WTF I was writing back abuse... I got my keyboard warrior on! But seriously i try get 10% off sometimes it works other times it doesnt.
  16. count me in too

    Just about every new user gets flamed sooner or later... Its like a initiation. Got any pics of the car at the moment?

    Too lazy to make a pic, Umbrella?
  18. My Little Pony panties

    I was getting angry lol....
  19. Blue slip for Mitsubishi lancer?

    or 13y/o right Mandi? I was scrolling through thinking to myself please nobody post any places and get them in trouble this a public forum... So PM her instead =)
  20. before you book any hotels or anything check out their reviews... Hotels in Europe can be disgusting! Three star's arent even clean. I used Trip Advisor to search for places to stay and left a few good reviews on some good places.
  21. Magic Autoworks in Smithfield were not badly priced for my car side S15 (blue), or my sisters 350z (black) it was keyed to bare metal and it had bubbling paint on the spoiler.
  22. Better wash the car... See you Sunday