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  1. sunnies.


    Looked down while draining the man vein only to feel them starting to slide off my head.


    Tried to catch them midflight but ended up in the shitter. A couple bottles of disinfectant later and there good as new. Lost them a month later anyway.


    I remember when i was under 10 and accidently knocked a roll of toilet paper off the top of the toilet into the bowl. Trying to flush that sucker down the toilet at the time sounded like a good idea.


    These days I more worried about the water rising after i pushed the flush button. The anticipation that it will overflow and cause crap to go everywhere scares me. The highlight of my shit is seeing it disappear down to china without no backing up.

  2. Have this car that needs to go.




    Bought it a couple of years ago as a rolling shell and was planning to use it as a project car. Never got around to using it little alone driving it.


    Has been sitting around and cant be stuffed working on it.


    THIS CAR DOES NOT START / RUN. It did start a couple of months ago and now have trouble getting it to tick over.





    180sx CA18DET (manual)


    Side skirts

    Front mount Intercooler

    Air pod / filter

    HKS boost gauage

    HKS turbo timer

    Lowered suspension

    17inch Nismo (look a like) alloys


    Trying to find more info out on car through previous owner.



    More photos coming or I can email them as well.



  3. hey i tell you what


    I'm training chest the next couple of days. I'll let you know how many reps I do on bodyweight and try and smash out a 1RM as well.


    Its great to see PTC going really well mate. Will definately drop by when I'm back in melbourne in the near future.


    Good luck to all that compete on the weekend.

  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this.


    I was speaking to a guy that competes in bodybuilding (nabba) and mentioned he was consuming upwards of 500gms of protein a day leading up to comps.


    Surely thats more than enough for what your body would need / use....unless your on the gear?? Am I right?


    He would prob weigh 110 off season. 96-100 for comp.

  5. quick picture taken by one of the older guys at the gym that has been lifting for over 30years. sneaky guy took a picture without me even knowing.


    was doing negative bench press to finish off for the night. Spotting a mate who trains with me.


    me 23102009 102kg.jpg

  6. I cant even rememeber what its like to write in this log, as its been that long.


    I've still been training hard so not much has changed.


    Went and watched my first bodybuilding comp couple weeks ago INBA & IFBB. Absolutley loved it. I made my mind up there and then that I would be coming back next year to compete in the INBA. I meet a couple of the guys who competed and really got to see what its all about. The winner of both the INBA & IFBB was actually a guy that used to train at the same gym as me so it was great to see him get up and win.


    I'll post a picture up from a workout earlier this week.


    I'm still around 101-102kgs at around 8-9% bodyfat.

  7. Interesting Ghosty. I would suspect that, as you suggested, they are using a different type of fish which has a slightly different protein content per 100gm. Looks like they are 'bulking up' the larger product with more olive oil to meet the net weight of 185gm (tuna AND oil weight combined). Very sneaky.


    On a slightly related topic (and yes, M, I'm coming by with some free samples soon, I promise) my new cookie formulation has 30gm protein per 100gm, 2.7 grams of saturated fat and 31 grams of carbs (of which just 2.5gm is sugars). And yes, they are sweet. :)



    Hook a brudda up Louie. I'll eat 1kg of your cookies in one sitting. 300gm of protein sounds good to me. Breakfast, lunch & dinner

  8. growling dog.....cant go wrong. if not just a standard creatine monohydrate. None of this creatine xplode pump up ya muscles bullshit from people like muscle tech and bsn. waste of $$$$ if you ask me.


    I just started taking creatine last week.


    Current weight to date 107kg and climbing :)

  9. The only reason for a straight casein protein is that i finish my workouts around 8.30-9.00pm. I have a protein shake straight after with dextrose. Eat dinner around 9.30 and in bed by around 11ish. I would of thought having a pure casein protein drink at 11pm would be better than a WPI, WPC blend.

    Correct me if i'm wrong houghy


    I'm using Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in the morning when i wake up and after a workout. One serving of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass during the day and thought to throw in Casein protein before i go to bed.

  10. Just a quick question in regards to a dedicated casein protein powder.


    Do any of you guys and gals have any recommendations?


    I eat a sh1tload of cottage cheese throughout the day. Prob close to 700grams. It becomes a little expensive to consistly keep eating this stuff.


    I'm addicted to the bulla value pack 350g lite cottage cheese. I can down it in a matter of seconds. I need a sponsorship from bulla to so i can save some $$$$.

  11. Bench Press: Spiros will sit on your chest and you will have to press him as many times till failure


    Military Press: Spiros will run and jump into your hands which you will then have to press him above your head numerous time till failure while spinning on the spot listening to my heart will go on.


    This is all the while he is wearing a skin coloured leotard.


    just a thought.

  12. quick chest workout last night before indoor cricket


    bench press








    Dumbell flys

    25x10 (3sets)


    Incline Press







    Pull overs




    Won indoor cricket as well so wasnt a bad night in the end :)

  13. Last nights session


    Hammy's were still sore from deadlifting on saturday so i decided to do some light work on legs. Couple of squats and leg extentions to work the quads and front squats were on the cards.







    130x4 (left knee almost gave way)


    I couldnt even squat my own body weight afterwards.

    Pain is coming from just below the patella. Oh well time for some rest. So much for that session.

  14. dont worry too much nick. You will still have good strength in your legs. It might just mean you need to take a break from squatting for a couple weeks. Take some pressure off your back.


    My squatting suffered last night. My knee's feel like their 80years old. My left knee almost gave out last night. Would of been quite a scene with 130kgs on my back. I couldnt even squat my own body weight afterwards. I think its a sign that my body needs a break from squats for a week or so. I've always had bad knee's anyways.


    Just an idea. Try some leg press and extentions for a week or so to keep the legs ticking over but give your back a rest.