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  1. m&m's place

    it was great to finally come down to PTC where it all happens. its been a long time coming markos....2 and a bit years in the making to be on the money from the first time we spoke. I was very dissappointed that i didnt push up 170kg. I think i got a little carried away with the 130kg pushing out too many. I was lucky i didnt push out 10reps. I dont think i would of benched 160 if i did any more than 6reps. I have to remind myself next time to keep below 3reps when trying to reach max bench press. Just like you mentioned spiros. I should do 2reps and keep adding weight till i can only do one rep. I might give this a try next week when i'm back in perth. Anyways i gotta jet and enjoy my last day in melb. If only i was living in melbourne the past couple of years. I think i would be weighing 120kg and benching 200+kgs working out of PTC with you markos
  2. DofDof's Training Journal

    houghy i been in melb for a week so far. I been running around catching up with family and friends. I did manage to hit the gym up a couple times.I head back to perth on the 17th. What times this week you guys training down at M's place. I might try and make it down. As for training. I finally got around to 20rep squats the other day (wednesday) and legs are still sore Leg session went somthing like this squats 60*10 100*10 110*10 120*8 140*6 160*5 100*20 110*20 120*20 managed some calf raises as well Did chest workout today and thought the 20rep workout would be a good idea bench press 60*10 100*8 120*8 140*6 160*4 100*20 100*17 100*15 Dumbell Chest Flys 22.5*12 22.5*12 22.5*12 Pull overs 42.5*12 42.5*10 42.5*8 Incline Press (barbell) 60*8 100*12 100*12 60*20 Chest was totalled after all this so decided to do a couple of tricep exercises current weight 107kg
  3. Ok so I'm sitting here and its 11.00pm perth time. I'm about to go to bed in couple min to rest my boobies from tonight session. I just had this bizarre thought which I figured would share with all you guys before i go to bed. I was discussing this with a mate at work whom just started personal training part time. It goes a little like this. How many times a day do you give the old porcelain bowl a workout. Drop the Crosby kids off. Bomb the battleships. Hang a turd. What ever you like to call it. Or in plain and simple english Do a shit? There's a reason behind this as yesterday I didnt really eat much as I was very busy at work. I went to the gym later that night (had a weak/crappy workout) and noticed I had lost close to nearly 2kgs. I didnt hang a shit all day because I figured I had no food in me. Now today I made sure I ate properly. Went to the gym tonight and had a decent workout and put my 2kg back on. Because I ate properly today I managed to spray the porcelain bowl once. My train of thought is. If you are eating the right foods and training hard how many times do you do your business. I myself are a 1-2 times a day guy. I figured if your not at least doing it once-twice a day your not eating enough food
  4. DofDof's Training Journal

    just a pic i took after chest and tri's session last tuesday night weight was around 107kgs i think
  5. DofDof's Training Journal

    i arrived late as I was training with some mates up at the gym. they had already done dumbell bench press so i just quickly jumped in with them on skullcrushers. normally i would train chest 1st up. I have no idea what class i would compete in. If anything I would have to compete under 90kg to have half a chance. means i have to loose 15kgs we can both be peacocks as M likes to call us. haha I wont be hitting the gym up for a couple days as i fly in to melb (home town) tommorow arvo. I'll sus out with M and the crew when would be best to head down to PTC as I've been wanting to see what all this hype is about I will be going to see the strength and conditioning coach at carlton footy club sometime next week as well to do a workout and get some advice.
  6. In one end out the Other

    by the way accidently overdosing on protein powder and sqwirting it out your ass does not count as having a dump. been there done that when i was young and stupid thinking more protein would make me bigger and stronger. was i wrong.
  7. DofDof's Training Journal

    Trained Chest and Tri's Skull Crushers 60*12 60*12 60*12 Dumbell Bench Press (50kg dumbells) 12 10 10 8 Behind the Head Tricep extentions (single dumbell) 45*12 45*12 50*10 Incline Bench Press (barbell) 100*12 100*12 100*9 Cable Push downs max machine weight*15 max machine weight plus 20kg * 12 " " " * 10 drop set till failure Chest fly's 22.5*12 22.5*12 22.5*12 Dips (20kg) ***i drop the weight when i cant do anymore and keep going to failure *** 12 12 10 Current weight 107kg
  8. how big are you?? whats your height and weight? The way your describing yourself it sounds like your some 6"5 120kg monster. Of course you would be bringing a lot of attention to yourself if your that big.
  9. Basic Strength Standards

    Press: Advanced Squat: Intermediate Bench: Elite Dead: Advanced Power Clean: Intermediate
  10. DofDof's Training Journal

    so i hear Legs last night squats 60*12 100*15 140*10 140*8 140*7 Calf raises 100*15 120*10 120*10 120*8 Leg Press 240*10 290*8 290*8 Front Squats 60*12 90*10 90*8 SLDL 100*12 100*12 100*12 Felt like shit doing workout. Didnt eat properly during the day and didnt have dinner last night after gym. weighed in this morning at just over 105kg
  11. DofDof's Training Journal

    Havent done them in awhile. Most of my training consists of reps ranging from 6-12. This is were i find a get some good growth. On the odd occasions when i feel my training has plateu I might change to some heavy lifting eg. 4reps max or lighter training with 15-20reps. This happens probably every 4weeks or so. For instance this week I've been training pyramid style. Depending how my body feels next week I might go back to 12reps or maybe 4reps max. Normally the only time I do 1RM is because I'm interested to see how much I can lift. I havent really done any 1RM session where I have trained for 1-2reps and keep adding more weight. I might have to give it a try. Most times I do my 1RM its at the end of a couple of higher rep sets and I'm a little fatigued by the time I get around to doing 1RM. When I'm in melbourne next week I might try and get down to M's gym and he can give me some tips and techinques to help my 1RM. I might try and crack a record at his gym
  12. haha gym at school. i was a high school jock. good old private school boy that competed in footy and swimming. The only people that really did weights at my school were guys and girls that were in the rowing team. if you were to do a weights session in our poxy gym you had to be supervised. weights wasnt a really big thing at my school. we were more so concentrated on athletics. Only weights i did were at home with dumbells and that was about it. good old sit-ups, push ups, couple shoulder presses and curls. I think the heaviest the dumbells could of been were 15kg each. nothing to drastic considering i only weighed around 77kg back then in 2000 and now weigh 107-108kg today and train 5-6times a week.
  13. DofDof's Training Journal

    Worked on back last night Deadlifts 110*14 150*12 190*8 210*4 230*1 230*2 (with straps) 190*5 150*8 110*12 Lat Pull downs 60*15 70*12 80*10 90*8 105*7 80*8 70*15 Bent over Rows 90*10 110*8 120*6 120*5 110*6 90*8 70*15 Was totally stuffed by end of this. Think i lost 10kg in sweat as well
  14. Houghy's Training Journal

    very impressive strength houghy ya deadlift is huge. i'll do you a deal. when i'm in melbourne soon you can help me out with my dead's and i'll help you with your bench
  15. DofDof's Training Journal

    cheers houghy....legs are feeling a tad sore today. I'm in melbourne as of next weekend. I would love to come down to markos's gym and do a workout with some of you guys while i'm over there. Last night chest session Started of with bench press 60*15 (warm up) 120*12 140*9 160*5 170*2 120*8 100*12 Incline Press 80*12 100*10 100*12 (girlfriend pissed me off which made me more aggressive) Decline press 90*10 100*10 110*7 Superset Chest Fly's / Seated chest press machine 22.5*12 / 60*10 22.5*12 / 70*10 22.5*12 / 70*10 I think i had DD cups by the end of the night weight still on 108kg
  16. DofDof's Training Journal

    Legs last night squats 100*15 120*15 140*12 160*8 (with belt) 160*5 (with belt) 120*12 100*15 Lunges with 40kg bar 10reps each leg * 3 sets Hamstring Curls (one leg) 40*12 40*12 40*11 Leg press (one leg) 100*12 100*15
  17. Just bee to the INBA nationals

    did aaron have to pay to enter and make his own way up to queensland or was that provided when he won the previous comp??
  18. DofDof's Training Journal

    Back and shoulders today (in 30degree heat) Dumbell Shoulder Press 35*14 35*11 35*8 Shoulder flys (dumbell) 15*12 15*12 15*12 15*12 Behind head shoulder press (smith machine) 60*15 70*12 70*12 Chin Ups (bodyweight) 10 wide grip 8 wide grip 10 close grip 9 reverse grip Bent over rows (barbell) 80*12 80*12 80*12 80*10 Chin ups again 8 wide grip 10 close grip 8 reverse grip Lat pull down machine 70kg*15 Upright rows 40*12 40*12 40*12 too hot to train....sweated like a pig and probably lost 10kgs of fluid. should of gone to the beach and work on my tan
  19. DofDof's Training Journal

    Arms last night (all supersets) Cable push downs / Cable Curls 60*15 / 60*15 70*15 / 70*12 70*15 / 70*12 Skull crushers / Bicep curls (ezi bar) 45*15 / 45*12 45*15 / 45*12 45*15 / 45*12 Incline bicep curls / behind the head tricep extentions (dumbell) 20*12 / 45*15 20*12 / 45*15 20*11 / 45*15 ***Arms felt like they were going to fall off*** so i decided to do one more exercise Single arm bicep curls hunch over / Flat bench Tricep extentions (knee on bench) 20*12 / 12.5*15 20*12 / 12.5*12 20*12 / 12.5*12 Turned out to be a hard and intense session. I measured my arms afterwards and they were 19.5" pumped. hopefully can get t 20" soon
  20. Nutritional Supplementation

    houghy what do you know about "Alpha Lipoic 200" One of the guys at my gym said its one of the best antioxidants on the market. He mentioned its good for your diet. But what i was wondering is what benefit it would be for me trying to get into bodybuilding?
  21. Have any of you guys / gals have one of these shirts if so where abouts did you order it from. If i cant get any i was thinking of getting some made by a T-Shirty design place over here in perth I saw a shutupandsquat.com website but i trying to buy in australia as opposed to some foreign country called america land of no opportunity
  22. DofDof's Training Journal

    i have about 600ml in the morning and another 600ml around lunch I definately know what you mean by making your stomache huge. drank about 1litre one morning and felt like i was pregnant all day. haha On a side note, I'm eating a couple of peanut butter sandwiches throughout the day as snacks as well. probably down around 4 a day and i make sure i pile the peanut butter on
  23. currently got a car parked at work which is a bogan holden ss ute covered completely in red dirt. has on the back "How much seed can ya box hold" the rear tyres are shredded from skids and it looks like they recently blew a tyre because the wheel arches copped a beating. The entire cabin is covered in dust as well. Great way to look after your car.
  24. DofDof's Training Journal

    last night chest Incline Press (barbell) 100*15 120*12 120*12 120*10 Flat bench dumbell press 45*12 45*12 45*10 Cable Fly's 50*12 50*12 50*10 Wide grip Bench press (smith machine) 80*15 80*12 80*12 turned out to be a decent chest session. weight currently 108kgs if anyone thinks i could add something more to my morning jungle juice shake let me know. quick note: the bodybuilding comp is actually in may next year not march. i still might give it a crack you never know.
  25. Shut up and Squat T-Shirts

    I dont think i'de be wearing the shirt out in public besides the gym. plus its an idea as present for a friend