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  1. Australia Day Comp

    time to clean the cobwebs off the 34 markos
  2. havent been to gym for almost 2weeks. weighed 104kg when i was hitting the gym and when i weighed myself last night i was 102.5kgs my gym hasnt been open much over the break which made it difficult. start back at the gym tonight. I will be sore tomorrow. as for my body i think i've lost a majority of muscle memory
  3. errr.... pornstar. different woman it might be repetition with the sex part but who can complain about the variety of different woman
  4. luxury watches

    I never thought you were that cashed up adam. Haha Nice collection by the way.
  5. m&m's place

    to the guys that got over 12 on the beep test great work. i used to hate doing it myself back in the old footy training days. I always had to make up a quick excuse to get out of running the beep test. I think the best i ever got was 13.8.....arghh those were the days when i was 80kg and more agile than chris judd on a bad day
  6. good read. insane numbers. benching over 220kg and squating over 350 along with deadlift. if you were to pick a fight with this guy i'm sure he could just snap you in two like a twig would of been interesting to know exactly what he eats. I'm sure the prison guards feed him up with more food than the rest of the inmates
  7. RUTAKN training Log

    bench press is looking the goods brudda...140kg...nice that super nitro hydroxy xplode muscle pump shake must be working a treat
  8. who's going to determine who get's to post in the 'experienced section'? Just the fitness mods? How would that be implemented? How is that going to help people that need it and want to continue to improve? I don't see how 2 separate fitness sections are going to help anything as it's not really addressing any of the real issues. (i.e stupid/inaccurate advice, re-posting of information, not searching or looking through the articles before posting) if people really need and want to improve, they will search and learn. those who dont simply come along, post shit, try it for a weak then go back to Fatville I figured it out. We shall have an exclusive section only available for guys that have benches over 100kg, squat over 100kg and deadlifted over 200kg We shall call it "the hundred club". It will seperate boys from men
  9. 90% of the stuff I take a liking to in this section is from m&m. I always find myself reading post and topics he has created. I'm like turbostyler. I'm always learning new techniques, programs, diet tips, ideas from m&m. The other 10% I read through posts made by guys on this forum that i know chip in here and there. Over the past year or so i've started to pick up on who's who and who's opinion actually means something. eg. I know the guys that have experience lifting hence i will listen to them or vice versa. New people that post in this section I dont pay much attention to as most times the topics are about useless stuff that i already know or is totally irrelavant. Just a thought. I think having a seperate section just for approved experienced fitness people might be an idea. Only members that have permission are allowed to post there. Saves having to read through some newb posting about whats the best protein powder to get or as stated above....time to launch the PTC website...I dont think Loz would like that
  10. SLVR32GTR's Training Log

    here here. 150kg on your back for quite sometime would certainly give your spine a little tingle good to see some real strength
  11. DofDof's Training Journal

    Trained Arms on Sunday Ezi bar Curls 50*9 60*7 60*7 60*7 60*6 60*6 60*6 50*7 Tricep Push Down (Cable Machine) 110*7 110*7 110*7 110*7 110*6 110*6 110*5 One Arm Preacher Curl 27.5*6 27.5*5 27.5*5 27.5*5 Close grip Bench 80*7 80*7 90*6 90*6 90*5 ----------------------------------------- Did some squats last night 60*12 110*15 110*15 110*15 100*15 Bent over rows 100*6 120*7 120*7 120*6 120*5 SLDL 60*20 60*20 Was knackered tonight didnt get to finish off the workout. Almost brought up lunch on the bent over rows. Weight 104.5kgs
  12. Don't lie spiros You know you snuck in a kitkat or 2 or 3 maybe even 4. We all know thats the secret to 210kg squats and 165kg bench
  13. DofDof's Training Journal

    Chest & shoulders yesterday Bench press 60*12 100*10 120*5 140*4 130*5 130*5 130*4 120*5 130*3 100*10 Shoulder press (cleaned from floor) 40*8 60*6 80*4 70*5 70*5 70*6 70*4 Incline bench 60*8 80*7 100*6 100*7 100*6 100*6 Behind head shoulder press (seated with smith machine) 60*6 60*7 70*6 70*6 70*6 Dumbell chest flys 27.5*7 27.5*7 27.5*6 Finished off with some dips with 27.5kg dumbell
  14. i think i payed close to 350 each. they know a rough where abouts as to where they will land. what the pilots do is they figure out where they want to land first and then calculate where abouts they have to take off from based on the wind. They are always in contact with the ground crew while up in the air. The ground crew have a 90% idea where you will land anyways the other 10% they just watch where you end up. When we landed he groud crew was there in 5min. We ended up landing in a paddock full of cows which we scared the shit out of. Its good fun if you dont mind getting up really early in the morning. You get to help set the ballon up and pack everything back together at the end. Very hands on experience.
  15. did it over the yarra valley in victoria for the g/f 21st present as mentioned earlier you have to get up at around 4am. take off time is around 5am. all you need is a clear sky and you will be set. we couldnt go up the 1st time around because of the weather so had to come back a week later. the views are amazing and its very peacefull until the pilot blows the torch. great experience though. when I went up it was during some bushfires that were occuring out in country victoria hence it was a little hazey. Without the smoke around you can see almost the the edge of the earth :-) i could post some pics but i not sure how to reduce the mb size
  16. DofDof's Training Journal

    Back Session last night Started off with Bent over Barbell Rows 60*12 100*8 110*6 110*6 100*7 Lat Pull downs 70*12 100*6 100*6 90*7 90*6 Deadlifts 60*12 100*5 140*5 180*5 200*5 200*4 200*3 (lost grip) +2 Rack pulls to finish off 210*4 210*3 210*4 First time I've done rack pulls. I didnt realise how hard they are. You cant really use your legs to drive you up with the weight. Back is very stiff today :-) Weight is 104kg's
  17. DofDof's Training Journal

    Trained legs last night by myself. Mainly consisted on squats. Squats 100*12 120*12 130*12 140*10 160*5 (belt) 170*3 (belt) 160*3 140*6 120*10 100*12 SLDL 60*12 80*12 80*10 Finished off with some leg curls and extentions. Along with some calf's Finally my elite protein rocked up yesterday. I been running on empty the past 6days or so.
  18. DofDof's Training Journal

    Did some workouts over the weekend Arms on Saturday Incline arm curls 15*20 15*20 15*20 15*20 Close grip bench 60*20 60*20 70*20 60*20 Ezi bar 21's 40*21 40*21 35*21 35*21 Behind the head tricep extentions 12.5*20 12.5*20 12.5*20 12.5*20 One arm preacher curls 12.5*20 12.5*20 12.5*20 12.5*20 Bodyweight dips 14 13 12 12 Sunday shoulders Seated shoulder press (barbell) 60*20 (front) 60*20 (front) 70*14 (front) 60*10 (back) Dumbell Lateral Flys 12.5*20 12.5*20 12.5*20 Machine shoulder press 50*15 50*15 Upright rows 40*15 40*15 40*15 40*12 Machine shoulder press 60*15 60*15 Shruggs (barbell) 140*12 140*12 140*12 140*12 Machine shoulder press 70*12 80*10 60*15 weighed in at around 104kg have lost weight the past couple weeks since i came back from holidays in melb. might of been something to do with eating like a king living back with mother. While i was in melb i think i weighed in at 107-108kg's. I did happen to have some creatine in my system though. I will be speaking to markos about adding more weight and muscle over the next 2months. Hopefully we can come up with a good training and diet program.
  19. DofDof's Training Journal

    Back session last night Lat pull downs 70*12 80*12 90*12 90*10 Seated Cable Row 80*12 90*12 100*12 One arm row 47.5*12 47.5*12 47.5*12 Some Back fly's with cable (3 sets) cant remember weight (20ish kgs i think) Ukrain Deadlifts (with 50kg dumbell and around 60cm off floor) 30reps * 4sets First time I've done deadlifts this way and was completely farked afterwards. Killed my g/f and training partner on this exercise as well. Pity we dont have kettlebells in this gym.
  20. RUTAKN training Log

    big buddy nice to see u lifting some good weight on your shoulders how did you find the UDL with the dumbell? I dont have any kettle bells at the gym so i would have to use the same method as yourself
  21. m&m's place

    its great to hear more postive results markos for all you skinny guys out there that want to get big, listen to M. I am one of his test tube babies from 2-3years ago when i weighed 79-80kg. Now I'm currently sitting on a low b/f 105kg's. It speaks for itself. Oh yeah Markos i forgot to mention the old man remembers the fish and chip shop
  22. here here....cant go wrong with the old school in one of arnie's books he's quoted that after his workouts he would head down to the local food court and eat mountains of food while washing it down with pints of beer. thats what i'm talking about...replace protein with beer and then you will look like arnie as for Primobolan,Dianobol, Deca, Nilevar and Test... i need to get myself some of this. I just have to find myself a loyal training partner whom can inject it into my ass
  23. DofDof's Training Journal

    I guess its about time i write something up in here. I been back in the gym the past 2weeks so I'm slowly regaining my strength before i went on holidays back to melb. Tues Morning Legs Front squats 60*10 80*10 90*8 Squats 60*10 100*12 120*12 140*8 Leg press 160*12 200*12 200*12 3 sets of leg curls and extentions along with some calf exercises Tues night Bench press 60*10 100*10 120*6 160*1 165*1 100*10 Incline Bench 80*12 100*12 120*8 (dropset-80*8) Incline Flys 25*12 25*12 25*12 Pull overs 42.5*12 42.5*12 42.5*12 Dips 14 12 12 Finished of with a couple cable push downs on tri's New goal is to get max bench and squat (raw) back up to 180kg and get as lean as possible 105kg's
  24. m&m's place

    I've been asking my old man that idea the past couple of years. I thought if i had any chance it would of been when lance whitnall was on the playing list. I figured i would just look like a trimmer and more muscular version of him and get away with it. He could of even thrown me into a game and i would of covered 4times the ground lance would. The old man said that they dont train at the bodybuilding gym no more. They werent happy with the results last preseason. They are now using the weights coach from brisbane broncos. His got them into a lot of power / olympic lifting which will be shitloads better for them. Previously (last couple years) with the other weights coach they didnt do much power/olympic lifts at all which I found quite interesting.
  25. m&m's place

    someone want to pay for a flight to M's gym and back to perth so i can hit the 180kg bench press. i still disappointed to this day i didnt get at least 170kg out